A letter to DAI-students from the part of Hungry, Angry, Late & Tired (HALT), a new intersectional student initiative that is committed to inclusion and diversity across all programs and courses of the ArtEZ University of the Arts.

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Dear fellow students,

Maybe you’ve heard of us before! We are Hungry, Angry, Late & Tired (HALT), a new intersectional student initiative that is committed to inclusion and diversity within ArtEZ. Currently we consist of students from Arnhem, Enschede and Zwolle and our coordinators are working on building communities within each of these cities. We decided to gather our forces after ArtEZ released statements last summer in which ArtEZ stated that to stand for a safe study environment for every student, without discrimination and other types of unwanted behaviour. But unfortunately an environment such as this is not in place for everyone yet. 

We as students need a safe environment, space to share stories with people with similar experiences, where we listen to and care for each other. We also need a space where we can take a critical look at our education, and reflect on what we need or miss within the curriculum regarding inclusion and diversity. HALT is looking for people who are searching for that as well, or want to help to achieve those goals. 

HALT is an ArtEZ-wide, intersectional community by and for students who strive for equality, equity and inclusion. This requires a better representation of diversity in the arts. There must be attention for everyone, including, and perhaps especially, for people who have experienced discrimination and other undesirable behaviors. HALT is a community with space for everyone regardless of sex, gender, sexual orientation, (dis)ability, nationality, religion and cultural and socio-economic background.

HALT’s main project is the organisation of brave spaces. A brave space is a place where stories can be shared and where experiences are listened to instead of being a point of discussion. The brave spaces are organised around nonviolent communication, empathy, solidarity and care. HALT believes that if we treat each other with care, we can come to a place of healing within our community.

Are you also in need of a space to share experiences and/or do you want to think along on solutions for a safer learning environment? Then feel free to send us an email at halt@artez.nl or send us a message on our socials. You can find us on Instagram @hungyangrylateandtired or on Facebook (Hungry, Angry, Late & Tired). Go to our page on intranet to read more about HALT’s values in our manifesto.  

Feel free to join a community meeting in your city! These meetings take place every week, or every two weeks, depending on the city.


Kind Regards,

Hungry, Angry, Late & Tired