Marianna Maruyama (DAI, 2014): Artist-in-residence at the KNAW (Royal Netherlands Institute) in Rome 2020/2021.

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The Artist-in-Residence Fellowship in Rome is meant for artists (painters, sculptors, architects, photographers, writers, poets, filmmakers, choreographers, couturiers, actors and so on) who would like to spend three months at the KNIR in Rome working on a project that contributes to cross-fertilisation between the arts and science. The programme was established jointly by the Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome (KNIR) and the Society of Arts.

The Artist-in-Residence is expected to participate actively in the life of the KNIR’s academic community and to promote cross-fertilisation between the arts and science within that community.

The Artist-in-Residence receives a monthly stipend for a three-month period (maximum) and temporary housing in one of the KNIR’s guest flats.

Marianna Maruyama is an artist and writer based in The Hague. She works across a range of media and modalities – often with the body and voice – dealing with presence, physicality, and communication. Unspoken contracts, personal fictions, and labor – these are a few of the elements that find their way into her work. “Translation is one way of talking about what I do, whether I am making a video, a book, a sound work or a performance. Translation is the method I use to prepare for an encounter; it is not just a process of reformulating a message from one language into another. Translation is a labor intensive, context-dependent process, as well as a form of critical reflection.”

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