March Chronicle by Miyoung Chang and Morena Buser.

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To the poetics of sounds : Invitation for a walk

With guest, Ola Zielinska

With written/typed words of Mayar Alexan, Morena Buser, Miyoung Chang, Cristina Emmel, Michael Fischer, Hubert Gromny, Hannah Jones, Rene Landspersky,  João Polido Gomes, Sophie de Serière, Georgia Stellin


Pauline Oliveros invited us to open up our senses and be present while listening to our internal and external sounds. Out of this experience, each one of our class translated this embodied perception into words. As the third folding of this exercise, Miyoung and Morena interacted, wove, intertwined, cut, played with texts, and created a score-like landscape.

-Pauline Oliveros, Software for People, Chapter: On sonic meditation, p138-141