Protocol COOP Hosting & HTDTWT Guesting  

Theory-tutors are fully responsible for the content and direction of their HTDTWT seminars. COOP tutorial teams are fully responsible for the content of the COOP study group trajectories.For the academic year 2020-2021 the DAI has introduced an experimental cross-over between these two curriculum components.

On 6 days, spread over the academic year 2020-2021, DAI’s six theory tutors will be hosted by DAI’s COOP study groups. The theory tutors are invited to participate in, and to contribute to, the study topic of a specific COOP.

The theory-tutors are not taking part in the curation of the COOP’s study trajectory and they are not involved in the assessment and crediting of the students of the COOP. On their turn the COOP tutorial teams are not to be held accountable for the content contributions by the theory-tutor to the COOP. The theory tutor as COOP guest is neither a student, nor a member of the tutorial team, but should rather be seen as a highly knowledge-able fellow, a critical friend.

Theory contributions will be shared and discussed by the study-group within the time-frame of the DAI Week’s COOP sessions; outside of this frame the theory tutors are not expected to dedicate time to the study-group, other than brief contact with the COOP tutorial team to prepare for the next session.