Common Grounds: Song / Value ~ Casco Art Institute: Working for the Commons invites you today, Thursday 5 November, 20.00–21.00, to tune in online to the wonderful music of Mira Thompson.

Mira is a singer and activist whose music choices are ones which contain a narrative and also have a strong visual component. The aspect of language, politics and meaning is equally important to the music for her. She is fascinated by the effect of sound, and traditions of vocal jazz. With a longstanding love for the music of Joni Mitchell, her own music preferences are always expressing a powerful feel of language, and a reflection of time. Find out more about Mira's practice on her website.

The concert will be streamed through Big Blue Button (link will appear here, tomorrow before the show) and includes NGT (Dutch sign language) interpretation by Nathaly Tweeboom for the song that Mira will lead us in singing along. 

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