Tonight, October 28, Florian Göttke ( DAI's senior program co-ordinator for theory) will give a short talk about toppling statues (next to seven other speakers)at the event The Hmm, organized by the Institute for Network Cultures. Would be nice if you could join online. Find the link here.

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Streaming link:

Great that you're attending The Hmm on Tactical Visual Culture tonight! Eight driven and diverse speakers, that are working, making, and thinking around the theme of ‘video witnessing’ are ready to share their vision with you! Expect stories about desktop videos, YouTube aesthetics, the influence of TikTok on the Indian 2019 elections, and much more!

The event takes place on our own streaming platform. We built this platform ourselves to make sure that no data goes to Big Tech companies and to keep it as accessible as possible for you as a visitor. The platform is browser based, so you don't have to download anything or log in anywhere.

You can follow the event via:

General rules:

  • We start promptly at 8 pm CEST.

  • The stream starts after you click on 'unmute'.

  • Feel free to use the chat to ask questions for the speakers and to talk with other viewers. You just have to fill in your favorite chat name to join.

Hope to see you tonight!

For this event, The Hmm has partnered up with the Institute of Network Cultures and the Visual Methodologies Collective. Do you want to find out more about The Hmm events or our online research dossiers? Subscribe to our newsletter (we won't spam you!)