Anastasia McCammon (DAI, 2020) enthusiastically shares a Call for Remote Residents from the part of Everything Flows, an interactive Digital Arts Residency & Festival. Anastasia is calling for artists working or collaborating with countries on the periphery of Europe. Online Residency begins already on the 21st of October, Festival from 27th - 29th November. The deadline for applications: 18 October. So make sure to read more here ASAP

Conceptualized during the lockdown imposed with the Covid-19 pandemic, Everything Flows is an interactive Digital Arts Residency & Festival. Calling to artists working or collaborating with countries on the periphery of Europe, the remote initiative will lead to a multi-layered digital platform which will be developed and kept updated after the Festival events (Online Residency begins 21st October, Festival from 27th - 29th November.)
Everything Flows envisions a virtual community and support system, ensuring a safety-net for cultural workers, even in times of crises. Application submissions which inspire an active process of meaning-making around the topic of Everything Flows are encouraged. Let's build dynamic and transformative works between people from a range of disciplinary, professional, educational and geographical backgrounds.
In terms of geographical locations, our open call focuses on regions on the periphery of Europe including Cyprus, Portugal, Finland, Greece, Malta, Iceland, Albania, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Hungary, Bulgaria, Estonia and Croatia. We invite residents to engage online with communities and create site-specific works that are informed by the site in which they will be working in.
We are excited to offer a 400 EUR stipend for your participation (either with an individual and / team participation) as well as extensive residency support during group meetings and feedback sessions

Deadline to apply: 18th of October, 2020.

Starting day of Residency & Introduction: 21st of October, 2020.

Practitioners from any of the following backgrounds (and not only) are encouraged to apply:

  • Design (social design, service design, design activism, co-design, graphic/communication design, product/industrial design, architecture, sustainable design, innovation design, motion design, interactive design, animation, communication design)
  • Music (performance, composition, sound art, musicology)
  • Performing arts (performance art, theatre, dance etc)
  • Visual arts (socially engaged art, digital arts, painting, drawing, mixed-media, photography, film, video art, visual anthropology, sculpture, installation, scenography, craft-making etc).

Proposed initiatives that will be prepared and shared live online during the Residency days with final outcomes during the Festival, can take the form of:

  • Music/sound performance
  • Interactive sound installation
  • Design/performance/music/sound artworkshops / webinars
  • Performance art
  • Visual art
  • Experiential dance performance
  • Webinars (i.e. digital tools training)
  • Workshops
  • Digital tools training seminars for online exhibition
  • Digital storytelling / scrollytelling
  • Video art
  • Film
  • Animation
  • Exhibition

Individuals and teams are encouraged to apply.

You are also welcome to apply with a transdisciplinary project. In this case, you are called to specify which disciplines come together through your piece of work.

To apply please complete the application at this link:

In the spirit of these ideas, we invite applicationsubmissions which inspire an active process ofmeaning-making around the topic of