ALL IN THE FAMILY: AICA Nederland, the association of Dutch art critics, has announced that three exhibitions have been nominated for the AICA Award. Among these three are Rana Hamadeh (DAI, 2009), 'The Ten Murders of Josephine' in FKA Witte de With, Rotterdam (2017) as well as Edgar Fernhout, 'Light in colour' in Museum Kranenburgh, Bergen (2019). TYI: Rana Hamadeh is not only a brilliant DAI alumna, she is also the partner of DAI 's one and only Rik Fernhout, where the other nominee, Edgar Fernhout, happens to be his late father. How amazing is that ?

The AICA Award is presented yearly, and is awarded alternately to an exhibition, a publication or an arts organisation. 

The other nominated exhibition for this edition is 'Walid Raad – Let’s Be Honest, The Weather Helped', held at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam from May to October last year.

Members of AICA Netherlands have until 1 November to cast their votes and the results will be announced later that month. The award ceremony will take place in the spring of 2021.

The Ten Murders of Josephinean Opera project by artist Rana Hamadeh curated by Defne Ayas.

Edgar Fernhout, 'Light in colour' in Museum Kranenburgh curated by Rudy Fuchs

'Walid Raad – Let’s Be Honest, The Weather Helped'

AICA Netherlands

Rik Fernhout