DAI-bulletin 2004-2005 number one September 2004

This is the first issue of the monthly DAI-bulletin in the academic year 2004-2005, informing you about our program, about important dates and events in September.
Students: please, PRINT THIS TEXT and keep it with you as an extension to your diary.
Alterations and additions to the program will be e-mailed to you.

News on DAI-alumni:
Sanjeewa Kumari (www.angelfire.com/art2/sanjeewakumara) is invited for a Triangle workshop (www.triangleworkshop.org/) in New York.
Gé-Karel van der Sterren (www.gekarel.com) is nominated for the Wolvecamp-award.

News on current DAI-students:
As a result of the contact that she established with the Eastlink Gallery in Shanghai during DAI’s project The Big Communication (april 2004, Peoples Republic of China) Sjanet Bijker is in Shanghai together with 22 artists from 13 different countries, to participate in the workshop and exhibition Matchmaking at Suzhou Creek (till October 10).
The project will involve the art community at 50 Moganshan Lu, 



WEEK 36 & WEEK 37
Introductory program for DAI-students and DAI-staff in London.

16 PM
Departure by boat from Hoek van Holland to Harwich. Arrival in the Leinster Inn in Bayswater, London around 21 PM.

9 AM
A preliminary walk guided by Maarten de Reus and Duncan Kramer including Sir John Soanes Museum and the reading room of the British Museum.
Picknick in the Savoy Park near the river Thames.
Maarten is an artist and lecturer at DAI and lives in the UK.
Duncan is an architect and born Londoner. He and Maarten collaborate on projects in the public space.
18-21 PM
Evening visit to Tate Modern (solo: Luc Tuymans).
22 PM
Dinner for the group in Viet Hoa in Hoxton, London.

11 AM
DAI-mentors Sylvie Zijlmans and Debra Solomon invite you to a two-day city walk along markets and many exhibitions and shows including one on London based Dutch artist Saskia Olde Wolbers and This was Tomorrow, Art of the Sixties in Tate Britain.
18 PM
Dinnerparty for the whole group and guests at the lovely house of DAI-lecturer, culture critic Kodwo Eshun and his wife, artist Anjali Sagar(together they have executed a workshop on the Art of the Essay film for DAI during the Big Communication- project in China).
20 PM
Indian food and at 22 PM a homey lecture by Rob la Frenais on the science-art agency The Arts Catalyst (www.artscatalyst.org) and their Zero-gravity projects.

13 PM
Second part of city-walk with Sylvie Zijlmans and Debra Solomon.
14 PM
Meeting between small DAI-delegation and Gerard Hemsworth, director of Postgraduate Studies in Fine Art at Goldsmith’s College.
The report on the inspiring conversation on art and art education in a globalizing world between the representatives of the two very different institutes will soon be published on DAI’s website.

9.30 AM
Departure from Leinster Inn to Saatchi’s and Sotheby’s where Rik Fernhout initiates you in the functioning of the commercial artworld.
At Sotheby’s Isabelle Paagman, specialist on contemporary art will show the group around and will talk about the do’s and do not’s for artists when, at any stage of their career, they are confronted with their works turning up in the free market.
19 PM till 20.30 PM
THIS TIME IT IS PUBLIC: DAI IN THE AIR Broadcasting session at London’s art radiostation Resonance FM (www.resonancefm.com). A DAI-RESONANCE FM collaboration co-ordinated by John Heymans, writer and mentor at DAI and Knut Aufermann, guestlecturer DAI and artistic director of Resonance FM.
Program: 1.Londonsoundscape. Live improvisation with minidisk-recorders by DAI students, Sjanet Bijker, Gerco Lindeboom, Paul Segers, Ajla Steinvag and Julian Scaff.
2.John Heymans talks about DAI and about last year’s project The Big Communication that took DAI to Nanjing in China.
3. Report on Big Communication soundproject by DAI-guestlecturer James Beckett and his students.
4. Soundtrack of the essay-films made by participants in Kodwo Eshun’s and Anjali Sagar’s Big Communication workshop.
5. Live interview by Kodwo Eshun with DAI-students Tracey Prehay, Rongman Hong and Bruno Anedda.

10.30 AM
Boat to Hoek van Holland leaves Harwich.


10.00 AM
Start of Patentamt Futurismus with a two-day introductory workshop.
Patentamt Futurismus is a project by German multimedia- & soundartist, theatremaker and popmusician Felix Kubin.
Participation is compulsory for DAI’s 8 first year’s students. Second year students are welcome as well. After the initial two-days workshop Felix Kubin will keep coming back to Enschede on a regular base, in order to prepare for a theatrical spectacle in 2005 in which you will all participate with neo-futuristic musical instruments, soundsculptures, artistic inventions, costumes, texts and so on.
This project is organised by tART (www.tart.nl) in the AKI building.
Info: Anne C. Tol (phone 053-482 44 53 or mail: a.tol@artez.nl).

11 AM Projectroom
DAI Meeting between all students and mentors: Rik Fernhout, John Heymans, Debra Solomon, Sylvie Zijlmans plus course-director: Gabriëlle Schleijpen and her staff: Hilly Podde and Ricardo Liong-A-Kong.
Subjects: houserules, study regulations and assignment of mentors to students.

14 PM Tutorsroom
Meeting on Graduation December 2004 between Rik Fernhout, John Heymans, Debra Solomon, Gabriëlle Schleijpen and Sverre Bjertnaes, Kirsten Cooper, Rongman Hong, Tracey Prehay.


Start of UNSORTED TURBULANCE a DAI-project by John Heymans.
As a starter participants attend an extensive lectureprogramme in Paradiso
See www.sonicacts.com


Studiovisits by Rik Fernhout, John Heymans, Debra Solomon, Sylvie Zijlmans and guestlecturer Paul Faber (curator KIT Tropenmuseum).

At 13.30 PM there will be a meeting betweeen mentors and graduating students in the tutorsroom.

Presentation of several options for participation in DAI-projects by Kodwo Eshun, Debra Solomon and John Heymans/James Beckett.
Excursion to Africa Remix in Düsseldorf on October 15.
Studiovisits by guests (amongst them the artists Ulay and Ansuya Blom).