DAI-bulletin 2005-2006 number three December 2005

This is the third issue of the monthly DAI-bulletin in the academic year 2005-2006, informing you about our program, about important dates and events.
Students: please, PRINT THIS TEXT and keep it with you as an extension to your diary.
Alterations and additions to the program will be e-mailed to you.

News on alumni and/or current students and/or lecturers.
(you are most welcome to mail me your contributions to this column).

BIMRAB (see our website) now in Enschede
On the 2nd of December an exhibition with BIMRAB works will open at Planetart in Enschede, which will run till December 30th. Another presentation on BIMRAB will be installed at the DAI exhibitionspace, which will be open every day during the lunch cafe.
The official opening-event will take place in the evening of the 15th of December. Several DAI students will present BIMRAB live performances. The invitation will be e-mailed to you and be published on DAI’s website.

Current DAI-student Susannah Mira made an interesting soundwork during DAI’s Bimrab project at the start of this academic year. This work has been selected for Aqua Art Sound Broadcast: Four days of sounds broadcast during Miami/Basel at the Aqua Hotel

Current DAI-student Liu Tsui-lun and DAI-alumnus Anne Schiffer collaborated on a proposal for a site specific work to be installed during an upcoming festival in Taiwan. Their proposal was accepted and rewarded with an attractive production budget. Together they are now off to Taiwan to execute the piece. More information will follow soon.

DAI-alumnus Sjanet Bijker was invited by architectural bureau "Bureau Noordeloos" and assigned by Waterschap Noorderzijlvest and Ballast Nedam to create an openingsperformance on the 25th of november 2005, at the site of Gemaal Schaphalsterzijl. This ‘gemaal’ is a waterpumpingstation located at the Reitdiep (a river) in Groningen. For this event she created a water- and timerelated soundscape which moves from the canal over the waterstream under the ground to the Reitdiep. In the ‘gemaal’ itself is shown, synchronized with the soundscape, a ‘lightsculpture’. The inspirationsource for the lightsculpture is the colourpalet of Jan Wiegers (from 1929 on), a painter of the Groningse Ploeg, who painted a lot at the location of the Reitdiep and was in his painterly research inspired by Kirchner (personal meeting in 1929) and Goethe (theory of color).

Still on show at the Centraal Museum in Utrecht till January 15 is a work by DAI-alumnus Tracey Prehay. For Global Fashion / Local tradition she was invited to design and produce a dress. Tracey’s Red Dress is to be seen in the so called Red Room.



THURSDAY December 1
DAI-mentor John Heymans and guest advisor Ansuya Blom will visit students in their studios from half past 10 AM onward. Special guest today is the Sudanese painter Rashid Diab all the way from Khartoum.
Rashid Diab is a well established painter with an international career. Some years ago he returned to Sudan (from Spain where he had been living for 20 years) to design, build and manage the first private Art Center of Sudan.
Currently DAI is preparing for an international collaborative project in 2006 that will involve various countries and partners (see underneath at ‘coming up in 2006’).

Also: Ricardo Liong-A-Kong present in Computerroom.
And: Rik Fernhout is present at Planetart during the building up of the BIMRAB show.

John Heymans and the students of DAI will attend
A symposium that will take place at the Stedelijk Museum CS in Amsterdam from 10.30 till 17.00.
The following artists (amongst them several DAI-guestlecturers) will present their work: Dennis Adams, Lara Almarcegui, Jeanne van Heeswijk, Hans van Houwelingen, Architecture of Interaction, Superflex, Barbara Visser.


WEDNESDAY December 7
TOOLKIT a project run by DAI-mentor Debra Solomon.

Also: Ricardo Liong-A-Kong present in Computerroom.

THURSDAY December 8
DAI-mentors Debra Solomon and Rik Fernhout and guest advisors Otobong Nkanga (performance artist) and K.Schippers (writer) will visit students in their studios from half past 10 AM onward.

Also: Ricardo Liong-A-Kong present in Computerroom.

FRIDAY December 9
A DAI-project on presenting, representing and curating artworks, run by Rik Fernhout.
Today K.Schippers will review and discus the BIMRAB presentations at Planetart and in DAI’s exhibition space.


WEDNESDAY December 14
An excursion by bus proposed by Debra Solomon. We will visit the Edith Russ Haus For Media Art in Oldenburg, Germany (http://www.edith-russ-haus.de/) where we will see a show by Candice Breitz. We will also visit an art space in Münster, Enschede’s closest crossborder neighbour.
More info on this trip will very soon be provided to you by Debra Solomon.

THURSDAY December 15
DAI-mentor John Heymans and guest advisors Maarten de Reus and Rebecca Sakoun will visit students in their studios from half past 10 AM onward.

Also: Ricardo Liong-A-Kong present in Computerroom.

In the evening: DAI performances at Planetart.

FRIDAY December 16
Two ongoing bi-monthly DAI projects by John Heymans.
From 10.30 AM - 1.00 PM, in the Project Room. More >>>
2 PM - 5 PM, in the Project Room. More >>>

Also: Ricardo Liong-A-Kong present in Computerroom.


Coming up in 2006:

Presence MANDATORY for all DAI students on January 25,26,27.

A DAI public project commisioned by the Hoytema-stichting in Enschede.
Students at the DAI are challenged to produce 4 portraits of collegue-artists who where confronted with a cerebral infarction, or a stroke.
The portraits will be presented during the symposium ‘The Visualised Stroke’ at the University of Twente.
Artists Florian Göttke and Rebecca Sakoun will manage this project and coach the students from the kick-off on February 9 (a seminar at the DAI on neurology and science, art and the brain) till the Hoytema symposium on April 21.

A theory project run by John Heymans in collaboration with Open (a Dutch magazine on art and public domain issues) and the Werkplaats Typografie, Arnhem.
DAI-students will produce texts and visuals for a quire (a loose ‘katern’) that will be distributed together with Open nr. 10.

Currently DAI is preparing for a new international public space project. In collaboration with various partners in various countries DAI will create an art & researchproject in and on 4, 5 or 6 STREETS in 4, 5 or 6 different cities including Enschede.
Projectmanager for the DAI: Alite Thijsen (in close collaboration with the DAI-staff).
All DAI-students are supposed to travel abroad in small groups during two weeks between the beginning of April and half June.
More information soon to be released.