DAI-bulletin 2006-2007 number five January 2007

This is the fifth issue of the monthly DAI-bulletin in the academic year 2006-2007, informing you about our program, and about important dates and events concerning students and alumni.

Students: please, PRINT THIS TEXT and keep it with you as an extension to your diary.
Alterations and additions to the program will be e-mailed to you.

DAI PROGRAMME January 2007

Week 4

Monday January 22
13.00 Lunch

18.30 Dinner in the canteen for all.

20.00 Tonight in Cinema HATCOTW in the projectroom:

Yol (1982) written and directed by Yilmaz Güney, an ethnic Kurd. As his films got more political, he came under the scrutiny of Turkish authorities and was jailed several times for various political offenses. In the late 1970s he was convicted, in a very controversial trial, of murder and received a long prison sentence. He escaped from prison in 1981 and fled to France. Güney won the Palme d'Or at the 1982 Cannes Film Festival for Yol.

Tuesday January 23
20.00 in the projectroom:
Lecture presentation Delphine Bedel.

Wednesday January 24
Studio visits by Emo Verkerk, artist & curator, to Anna Korteweg, Astrid Marit Peet, Nikos Doulos, Daniëlle Davidson, Kriistina Koskentola, Bani Bannwart.
Studio visits by Delphine Bedel, artist & curator, to Emily Williams, Iris Tenkink, Bani Bannwart, Rana Hamadeh, Dagmar Kriegesmann, Paula Bugni, Astrid Marit Peet.

Studio visits by Paul Silder, artist & director Villa de Bank, Enschede, to Chris Meighan, Emily Williams, Julien Grossmann, Jae-Min Kim, Kamila Szejnoch, Machteld Aardse, Iris Tenkink.

20.00-22.00 Projectroom.

Technology: Art, Fairground and Theatre

Petran Kockelkoren will talk about some concepts developed in his oratio pro domo: Technology: Art, Fairground and Theatre (2003). From the camera obscura via the introduction of rail travel to IT: these countless innovations make it patently obvious that the introduction of new technologies disturbs the equilibrium of our senses. Artists incorporate these new techniques in their work, thus preparing the way for their more widespread application. In doing this, artists are accessories to the cultural re-education of our senses. What does this mean for the autonomy of art?

Petran Kockelkoren holds the chair in Art and Technology at the Department of Philosophy, University of Twente. He also holds a lectorship Art and Technology at ArtEZ, Institute of the Arts.

This halfway lecture will be moderated by John Heymans.

Thursday January 25
9.00-10.30 Projectroom. Understanding Media Theory by John Heymans for students first year.

From 9.00 onward: studiovisits by Florian Göttke.
13.30 lecture Marjolein Schaap on art projects that interfere with 'economy'.

20.00 Lecture by Anne van der Zwaag.
Anne van der Zwaag is an art historian who specializes in the intersections between art, design, architecture and fashion. At the University of Utrecht she did an extensive research after the phenomenon of artist's books and a specific collection of these publications from the sixties and seventies from artists such as Andy Warhol, Gilbert & George, Joseph Kosuth, Sol LeWitt and Lawrence Weiner. In her lecture she will give an insight in the history of the book as an art form, the most important practitioners of 'book art' as well as the complex definition of the artist book.

Friday January 26
7.57 (sharp) Departure by train from Enschede to Antwerp where we will meet with curator Mark Kremer at the Mukha (http://www.muhka.be) where he will guide us through the Projection Project - a very interesting show that includes a video by DAI-alumnus 2006 Vitto Alexiev.
Since there is SO MUCH MORE to see in Antwerp we will stay overnight.
Return by train to your own city on Saturday.


News on alumni and/or current students and/or lecturers
(You are all most welcome to send in your announcements).

On the 18th of January Veenfabriek-director Paul Koek and Scholar on Stage / DAI-mentor John Heymans will present lectures on art and science in Groningen. Koek will talk about the special musical approach of the Veenfabriek and Heymans will discuss the first musical brainwave experiment ever: Lucier's Music for Solo Performer.
These lectures belong to the programme A Week with the Veenfabriek.
Venue: Grand Theatre, Groningen.
Links, unfortunately in Dutch: www.veenfabriek.nl and http://www.grand-theatre.nl/