DAI-bulletin 2007-2008 number ten July 2008


This is the tenth issue of the monthly DAI-bulletin in the academic year 2007-2008, informing you about our program, important dates and events.
Please scroll to THIS TIME IT IS PRIVATE for information on current presentations and exhibitions by alumni, students and faculty.

///////// DAI Week Jul 2008 /////////
Instead of asking its master students to come to 'school' on a weekly base the DAI offers an alternative educational environment: during one week a month (so 11 times per year), everyone who is involved in DAI stays in Enschede day and night and takes part in a rich programme consisting of lectures, seminars, projects, excursions, workshops, and evaluations of his or her own work, which lasts from early morning until late at night. During the DAI week, cooks prepare the afternoon and evening meals that staff, students and guest lecturers from all over the world take in the cosy canteen. During the week participants in the programme spend the night at one of the two DAI houses in the centre of Enschede.

Monday June 30
Thesis and website assessment
Location: Fashion Institute Arnhem, World Fashion Centre, Kon. Wilhelminaplein 13, 1060 CE Amsterdam

Thesis [ Jorinde Seijdel ]
Website [ Ronald van Tienhoven ]
Anna Korteweg
Chris Meighan http://www.chrismeighan.com/
Daniëlle Davidson http://www.danielledavidson.nl/
Chris Meighan      
Anna Korteweg http://www.annakorteweg.com/
Lunch Break
Lunch Break  
Daniëlle Davidson
Jae-min Kim http://www.jaeminkim.net/
Bani Bannwart http://www.banibannwart.com/
Jae-min Kim      
Maciek Duchowski http://www.maciekduchowski.com/
Tea Break
Tea Break  
Maciek Duchowski
Emily Williams http://www.emilywilliams.nl/
Kamila Szejnoch http://kamilaszejnoch.vizz.pl/
Emily Williams      
Nikos Doulos http://www.nikosdoulos.com/
Kamila Szejnoch
Julien Grossmann http://www.juliengrossmann.com/
Tatia Skhirtladze http://www.micheluzzi.net/tatja/

Monday 7
Tutors room
Informal meeting with course director Gabriëlle Schleijpen. Invited are: Anna Korteweg, Witta Tjan, Ruben van Klaveren , Buba Cvoric, Jae-min Kim, Sasha Miljevich, Renaldi Zefi and Kevin Immanuel.

10:30-18:00 Assessments
External Experts: Berend Strik en Eva Wittocx
10:30 Tzvika Gutter
11.15 Maciek Duchowski
12:00 Meiyu Tao
12:45 Lunch break
13:45 Marina Tomic
14:30 Raymond Huizinga
15:15 Yen Yitzu
16:00 Tea break
16:30 Daniëlle Davidson
17:15 Chris Meighan

Tuesday 8
Tutors room
Informal meeting with course director Gabriëlle Schleijpen.
Invited are: Tatia Skhirtladze, Kamila Szejnoch, Suzanne van Rest, Barbara Philipp, Alin Naidin, Rana Hamadeh, Yota Ioannidou and Manami Yoshimoto.

10:30-18:00 Assessments
External Experts: Narcisse Tordoir en Binna Choi
10:30 Philip Tonda Heide
11:15 Bani Bannwart
12:00 Julien Grossmann
12:45 Lunch break
13:45 Hidenori Mitsue
14:30 Seda Manavoglu
15:15 Nikos Doulos
16:00 Tea break
16:30 Teresa Maria Diaz Nerio
17:15 Kevin Immanuel

Wednesday 9
Tutors room
Informal meeting with course director Gabriëlle Schleijpen. Invited are: Tzvika Gutter, Maciek Duchowski, Meiyu Tao, Marina Tomic, Raymond Huizinga, Yen Yitzu, Daniëlle Davidson and Chris Meighan.

10:30-18:00 Assessments
External Experts: Yael Davids en Grant Watson
10:30 Anna Korteweg
11:15 Witta Tjan
12:00 Ruben van Klaveren
12:45 Lunch break
13:45 Buba Cvoric
14:30 Jae-min Kim
15:15 Sasha Miljevich
16:00 Tea break
16:30 Renaldi Zefi
17:15 Emily Williams

Thursday 10
Tutors room
Informal meeting with course director Gabriëlle Schleijpen.
Invited are: Philip Tonda Heide, Bani Bannwart, Julien Grossmann, Hidenori Mitsue, Seda Manavoglu, Nikos Doulos, Teresa Maria Diaz Nerio and Emily Williams.

10:30-18:00 Assessments
External Experts: Fulya Erdemci en Grant Watson
10.30 Tatia Skhirtladze
11.15 Kamila Szejnoch
12.00 Suzanne van Rest
12.45 Lunch break
13.45 Barbara Philipp
14.30 Alin Naidin
15.15 Rana Hamadeh
16.00 Tea break
16.30 Yota Ioannidou
17.15 Manami Yoshimoto

Sunday 13
Casco, Nieuwekade 213-215, 3511 RW Utrecht
Booklaunch of DAI-publications and end of year drinks.
Read more about the publication project >

///////// THIS TIME IT IS PRIVATE /////////

News on alumni and/or current students and/or lecturers (You are all most welcome to send in your announcements).


Be(com)ing Dutch
May 24 – September 9 2008

Following her commitment in November an December 2007 to the Caucus in Eindhoven (participation was offered to a selected group of DAI students as part of the DAI’s curriculum), current DAI student Rana Hamadeh is now invited to partake in the exbibition Be(com)ing Dutch in Eindhoven’s Van Abbe Museum, that opened on May 24rd. Alite Thijsen, the co-ordinator of the transnational DAI project Here as the Centre of the World, will also show work in the exhibition. Other DAI-related participants are guesttutors Hans van Houwelingen, Libia Castro, Ólafur Ólafsson, Annette Krauss, Surasi Kusolwong and Lidwien van der Ven.
Curators: Charles Esche and Annie Fletcher
In 2006 the Mondriaan Foundation awarded its Development Prize for Cultural Diversity to the Van Abbemuseum for the Be(com)ing Dutch project. Within this project’s framework, the museum has organized a diversity of gatherings over the last two years resulting in The Be(com)ing Dutch exhibition.


Vreemde vogels
May 31 - September 30 2008

Vreemde vogels is a manifestation with sculptures in and around trees in Borne. DAI staff member Ricardo Liong-A-Kong is participating with ‘bird on a wire’.
Opening: May 31, 15:00 in Oude Kerk, Oude Kerkstraat, Borne.


Games. Their Present-Day Role in Art and Politics
May 28 - July 6, 2008

The series of events and the exhibition scheduled to accompany the European Soccer Championship 2008 in the Kunsthalle project space centers on the politics and present-day role of games. Societies present themselves through their games, whose syntax, semantics, and performative practice both distort the prevailing circumstances and articulate the desires and ideals inherent in them.
On show is work of Jake & Dinos Chapman (UK), Künstlergruppe //////////fur//// (D), Carsten Höller (D), Margarete Jahrmann (A / CH), Max Moswitzer (A), Eastwood-Real Time Strategy Group (SRB), Liddy Scheffknecht (A), Jakob Scheid (A), Paul Sermon (UK), Axel Stockburger (A), Sam Taylor-Wood (UK), Patrick Wiesner (FL), Erwin Wurm (A) and current DAI student Tatia Skhirtladze (A / NL).
Kunsthalle Wien, Museumsplatz 1, A-1070 Vienna


Field Work – part 2
May 31 – July 12 2008

Amy Balkin, Roderick Hietbrink, Juneau Projects, Fritz Haeg, Servet Koçyiğit, Mikael Levin, DAI advisor to the students Rebecca Sakoun and Ingo Vetter & Annette Weisser are participating in Field Work – part 2.
As a two-part exhibition and an ongoing discussion, ‘Field Work’ conjectures two parallel, interconnected, and yet differently orientated trajectories that encompass art, nature and ecology. The exhibitions ‘Field Work - part 1’ and ‘Field Work – part 2’ address contemporary perceptions and understandings of nature.
SMART Project Space, Arie Biemondstraat 105-113, 1054 PD Amsterdam
Opening reception: Saturday 31 May 2008, 21:00


PALM FICTION - Contemporary art in temporary space
June 28 - July 16 2008

PALM FICTION - Contemporary art in temporary space is an exhibition organized by the White Elephant Collective, a Berlin based international artists group that specializes in these unique but forgotten places of a city. Participating in this exhibition are a.o. DAI alumni Teresa Borasino, Kristen Cooper and Ana Fernandez.
Location: Am Speicher 11,13,15, Stralau, 10245 Berlin


the little moment
June 29 - July 25 2008

the little moment is a show by current DAI student Bani Bannwart in Villa de Bank.
Opening: June 29 at 15.00.
Villa de Bank, Espoortstraat 182, 7511 CM Enschede, info@villadebank.nl.


"You Can Never Go Home Again"
Joint Custody Project Berlin + Los Angeles

DAI alumnus Katja Sonnewend is participating in this project with 23 other artists from Berlin.


June 26 - August 31 2008

Current DAI student Suzanne van Rest is, among others, showing her work in the gardens of Heringastate, also known as Poptaslot.
Poptaslot, Slotleane 1, Marssum


Mermaid Hair in the Outboard Motor
July 2 2008

Artist talk by DAI advisor to the students Rebecca Sakoun and DAI mentor Florian Göttke.
In Spring this year, Florian Göttke and Rebecca Sakoun travelled to Iqaluit and Pangnirtung in Nunavut, Inuit communities in high arctic Canada. Over the past few generations, rapid and profound changes have taken place with regards to lifestyle, political and social organization, cosmology/world view, the local economy, education, child rearing, diet, land use, wildlife management, infrastructure, housing, and language; a few of the areas profoundly transformed by colonialization, capitalism, and modernity.
It became apparent that most inhabitants are actively engaged as both researcher and cultural mediator. There is an urgency and necessity to salvage all the fragments of traditional knowledge and cultural practice in order to reassemble the Inuit´s disturbed identity, to carefully preserve these remnants and connect them to the modern media society.
In the framework of these topics the artists will present a selection of the abundant visual material the have gathered and will present an account of their experiences.
SMART Project Space, Arie Biemondstraat 105-113, 1054 PD Amsterdam


# Presentation 01
June 29 2008

Sunday, June 29 from 3pm till 6pm you are welcome to visit the first presentation at HET TIJDELIJK VERBLIJF of the artists at Troelstralaan 70, 72 and 76 in Delft, The Netherlands. Participating artists are Eugenie Bakker, Rolina Nell, Inge Rosekrans, Viola Onderdelinden and DAI alumnus Jolanda Jansen.


Here, in the hazy room
July 10-12 2008

Current DAI student Manami Yoshimoto has a show 'Here, in the hazy room' in her studio at the Dutch Art Institute.
Dutch Art Institute, Hallenweg 5, Enschede
Opening: July 10 17:00
Open : July 11-12 10:00-17:00 or by appointment (call: 06 46 46 30 69 or mail manamie_mail@yahoo.co.jp)


The Urban Tendency
July 9 - August 9 2008

The exhibition takes an intuitive route to develop a dialogue between current practices, locations and visions of urban living, via Modernism and industrialization, all the way back to notions of the city as a state (of being) arising in medieval Netherlandish culture. ‘The Urban Tendency’ is a collaboration between the University of Westminster Architecture School, The Dutch Embassy and The Flemish Representation as part of the British Council’s ‘Embassies Project’ for the London Festival of Architecture 2008. It is curated in London by Ken Pratt. Work by: Carla Arocha & Stéphane Schraenen, de Artoonisten, Peter Barber Architects, BDP, Jo van den Berghe, Boris van Berkum, Luuk Bode, Dag Boutsen, F.A.T., Jasmina Fekovic, Wouter Feyaerts, DAI mentor Florian Göttke, Hofman Dujardin Architects, Wouter van der Hallen, Paul Hosking, Erik Olofsen, MAMA- Rotterdam, Maurer United Architects, MarcosandMarjan, MVRDV, Laurent Ney, Pascal Rousson, Angie Reed, Michael Samuels, Tai Shani, Joe Stephenson, Karen Tang, Aram Tanis, Boris Tellegen/DELTA, Urban Future Organisation, Vicki Thornton, Anneke Wilbrink, Rachel Zanders and other superstars, emerging and unacknowledged contributors to contemporary manifestations of the urban.
P3, University of Westminster, 35 Marylebone Road, London, NW1 5LS


May 13 - July 31 2008

DAI alumnus Tracey Prehay is artist in residence in 7x11 in Ypenburg. In her project ConTextile Tracey Prehay researches personal and cultural memories. For doing this she makes silk screen prints on textile of objects she asks inhabitants of Ypenburg to bring along.
End presentation follows later this year.