DAI-bulletin 2007-2008 number nine May/June 2008

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This is the ninth issue of the monthly DAI-bulletin in the academic year 2007-2008, informing you about our program, important dates and events.
Please scroll to THIS TIME IT IS PRIVATE for information on current presentations and exhibitions by alumni, students and faculty.

///////// DAI Week May 2008 /////////
Instead of asking its master students to come to 'school' on a weekly base the DAI offers an alternative educational environment: during one week a month (so 11 times per year), everyone who is involved in DAI stays in Enschede day and night and takes part in a rich programme consisting of lectures, seminars, projects, excursions, workshops, and evaluations of his or her own work, which lasts from early morning until late at night. During the DAI week, cooks prepare the afternoon and evening meals that staff, students and guest lecturers from all over the world take in the cosy canteen. During the week participants in the programme spend the night at one of the two DAI houses in the centre of Enschede.

WEEK 19 and 20

Saturday 10
16:00 Opening of the Kunstvlaai 2008 - an alternative ‘Art Fair’ in Amsterdam

The DAI presents 'Here as the Centre of the World' - a collaborative artistic research project. The project took place on the streets of Beirut, Taipei, Damascus, Khartoum, Diyarbakir and Enschede in 2006 and 2007, including artists of both the Dutch Art Institute and the collaborative 'centres'.
This appearance at the Kunstvlaai forms part of a discussion phase, working towards a book that takes the project as its departure point. James Beckett (curator), Bani Bannwart, Daniëlle Davidson, Nikos Doulos, Julien Grossmann, Rana Hamadeh, Anna Korteweg, Chris Meighan, Jae-Min Kim, Alite Thijsen (co-ordinator) and Emily Williams, have created a temporary archive, - a place of conversation and processing.
Kunstvlaai, Westergasabriek, Gashouder, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Sunday May 11 - Sunday May 18 from 12.00-18.00
Entrance: 6 euro (also at the opening)

Monday 12
20:00 at De Balie, Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen 10, Amsterdam
A public lecture by art historian Vardan Azatyan on the relationship between the political and contemporary art in Armenia followed by a video program compiled by filmmaker Tina Bastaijan.
> Vardan Azatyan
> Tina Bastajian

Tuesday 13
‘Green light’ meeting in the projectroom at the DAI.
All second year students will present their research proceedings TOWARDS GRADUATION in a short presentation to our special guest Vardan Azatyan and to Rik Fernhout, Florian Göttke and John Heymans.

First year students will visit the Kunstvlaai together with Gabriëlle Schleijpen. Meeting at 12 pm at the entrance.
16.30 train to Enschede
19:00 Diner for all in DAI’s Cantina.
20:00 projectroom
A lecture by Surasi Kusolwong on his work and his current project and workshop for the Be(com)ing Dutch exhibition in the Van Abbemuseum: ‘Question Paintings (Asking is not Answering)’.
DAI offers participation in the workshop as part of its curriculum. ECTS–points are to be accredited to the DAI participants.
> Surasi Kusolwong

Wednesday 14
Continuation of ‘Green light’ meeting in the projectroom at the DAI.

Individual studio visits by:
John Heymans, Florian Göttke, Rik Fernhout, Gabriëlle Schleijpen, Vardan Azatyan, Hans van Houwelingen, Sands Murray-Wassink, Rubén de la Nuez and Tina Bastaijan.

Video editor Michael Kole will be present in the editing room to assist the participants in Hala Elkoussy’s Friday workshop ‘Why Video?’ in editing their work.
Michael Kole, studied multimedia design & technology at Hogeschool Enschede and is currently working at Axis media-designers based in the same city.

19:30-21:30 projectroom
The Unbearable Whiteness of Being (performalist presentation event)
DAI Private lecture by Sands Murray-Wassink
Speculative questions surrounding positioning, intra action and responsibility in art. Trying to make the world a better place starting with oneself. Can a gay male specific artist be a feminist artist and/or the many uses of nomenclature. What is the place of the “absurd” and aesthetic experimentation? How direct is too direct? What is private and what is public? What is the point of art and its use in social politics? Embodiment and embodied politics and theory when they come from a primarily self educated, limited person?
Sands Joseph Horwitz Dijks Murray-Wassink / Sands 1974 (*1974 Topeka, Kansas, USA. 1994 present Amsterdam) is an artist concerned with analyzing and deconstructing/disempowering Whiteness and (homosexual, bottom) Male Western Privilege in all the forms that coalesce in his being. This puts him in dynamic relationship to himself and the social body at large. Aesthetic writer/performalist/parallelist etc.

Thursday 15
The Edward Said lecture by Rubén de la Nuez
Performing Colonial Agents in Postcolonial Art
In a social order in which visual culture has acquired a prime importance, curatorship is at some points inheriting the authority lost by ethnography. Minding the difference of nature, range and commitment of both types of practices, there is certain continuity in the task of gathering and processing the empirical repertoire for the representation of a cultural zone. In different epochs, the ethnographer and the curator have embodied the prototype of the humanist. Both agents have been the expression of equilibrium between the fieldworker and the theorist, a combination of a witness and a missionary. The transcultural curator also takes over from the ethnographer the fascination for what Malinowski called “coefficient of weirdness” of “other”cultures. However, what might happen when art from former ethnographical (and now curatorial?) zones speaks back performing the language of ethnography or curatorship? This lecture addresses this concern by an analysis of works of two African artists: Frédéric Bruly Bouabré’s Alphabet Bété and Meschac Gaba’s Museum of Contemporary African Art.
> Rubén de la Nuez

is an art critic and theoretician. He is currently a PhD candidate at the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis, University of Amsterdam. Between 1996 and 2001, he taught Art Theory at the Faculty of Arts and Letters, University of Havana, where he had previously completed his BA and MA degrees in Art History. He was a UNESCO Research Fellow at the Jan van Eyck Academy, in Maastricht. He is a member of the editorial board of the Graduate Journal of Social Science and a correspondent for the magazine Art Notes. He has published the book Scales of Babel (2005). During 2007–2008, he has been teaching in the Sichuan International Studies University, Chongqing, China.

Trans national project-research meetings:
1. Cappadocia – Water Re-sources – run by Florian Göttke.
2. Armenia Dreaming – run by Partizan Publik and Vardan Azatyan. 3. Here as the Centre of the World –run by Alite Thijsen The Here as the Centre of the World group will depart directly after Ruben de la Nuez’ lecture to meet Alite Thijsen at the DAI’s stand at the Kunstvlaai in Amsterdam. After the Kunstvlaai and a quick diner, the group is invited to attend the launch of Delphine Bedel's publication All that is solid melts into air –Notes on Tourism, where British sociologist John Urry will present a lecture entitled ‘Revisiting the Tourist Gaze’ at the Stedelijk Bureau, Rozenstraat 59, Amsterdam, at 20:00.
The group will travel back to Enschede by train.

19:30-21:30 projectroom
All other students: an evening with John Heymans, theory mentor at the DAI. He will screen one of his favourite movies and present a theoretical framework, a sort of ‘toolkit’ to analyse it.

Friday 16
9:30–10:15 projectroom
Preview of a 30 minutes documentary on the Here as the Centre of the World workshop in Enschede by Roel Faassen Media Productions as commisioned by the city council of Enschede.

Why Video? A workshop by artist and filmmaker Hala Elkoussy.
In this final session participants are invited to share their edited material with the group. A discussion is launched into how post-production carried the original shot material further into achieving the maker's vision. The session concludes with a discussion of presentation issues. Often times, video is shown on big screens in dark rooms and it is often the assumption that bigger is better. At what point do presentation issues come to the fore? How can a maker showing their work at different venues control presentation, given the limiting factor of cost? Most importantly, how to decide whether a work that was intended for an exhibition space can/cannot make it to a video festival? Last but not least, how can a maker of videos (an infinitely reproduceable medium) protect his/her intellectual right?

Sit, Walk and Stand – workshop by artist performer Sanne van Rijn.
This workshop is focusing on performance skills. The craft. How to sit, walk and stand. How to get your actions communicative. How everything you do becomes meaningful when looked at. How what you feel during a performance is rarely corresponding with what it expresses. How to combine the body with the other ingredients of your performance in a meaningful way.
We are going to look for strategies, techniques and tricks to manipulate your audience. We are going to find a mentality, an awareness to perform. We are going to be watched a lot. Even if we do not dare.

17:30 Afterdrinks
End of the DAI-week


Initiated by ArtEZ-AKI The Enschede Academy of Visual arts, an Erasmus Intensive Program is being organized in the period of May 19th to May 30th. Central theme of this program will be “Borders of Perception, an exploration into the possibilities and challenges an artist faces when dealing with abstract lemma’s as boundaries, borders, subjectivity and their relation to different ways of perceiving”.

Saturday May 24 at 10:00
A Symposium in Enschede.
The DAI was invited to add two speakers to the list. Tony Chakar (artist, architect, writer from Lebanon) and Erwin Jans (dramatist, writer from Belgium) who both delivered a keynote lecture at a conference held in 2006 in Enschede. The conference was an upbeat to the transnational project Here as the Centre of the World. HatCotW brought together young artists from Beirut, Damascus, Diyarbakir, Khartoum, Taipei and Enschede. Today Erwin Jans and Tony Chakar will pick up the subjects of their 2006 contributions and re-adress them in the light of 'Borders of Perception' and their most recent findings on culture and location. The other invited speakers are: Hans Ulrich Reck, Ginette Verstraete and Tahl Kaminer.
Borders of Perception flyer (pdf, 120kb) >

May 25 till June 7
A group of 17 young artists from the DAI will participate in a workshop in Yerevan together with Armenian artists and institutes. The workshop is run by Partizan Publik and Vardan Azatyan. More information >

June 2 to June 14
A research project on water management in Cappadocia, a rural area in central Turkey, in collaboration with the Art–Eco platform Cappadocia and NIHAnkara. Six students of the DAI will together with the artists Florian Göttke and Rebecca Sakoun travel to Ibrahimpasa, a small town in Cappadocia to familiarize themselves with the area and the underlying problems. In a later stage they will contribute to the awareness campaign to support the efforts to create a sustainable solution for the water management of the region.
More information >
Public presentations by Florian Göttke and the participants will be staged at the NIHA, Netherlands Institute for Higher Education in Ankara on June 13 and 14.

Take notice:
As these trans national projects will take place in Turkey and Armenia there will be no DAI week in Enschede in June. All students, staff and invited external jury members will meet again in Enschede for the assesments that will be held from
July 7 to 10.

///////// THIS TIME IT IS PRIVATE /////////

News on alumni and/or current students and/or lecturers (You are all most welcome to send in your announcements).


a portion of space in the world
May 1 - June 1 2008

Current DAI student Philip Tonda Heide is showing his installation ‘a portion of space in the world’ in the Opzichterhuisje.
Opzichterhuisje, Cruquiusweg 0, Amsterdam
Opening: May 1, 17:30


Art Amsterdam 2008
7 - 12 May 2008

On Art Amsterdam Yoshiko Matsumoto Gallery is showing work of current DAI student Hidenori Mitsue.
Yoshiko Matsumoto Gallery: www.yoshikomatsumoto.com
Art Amsterdam: Art Amsterdam


Carlijn Mens
May 9 - June 21 2008

Cuurent DAI student Carlijn Mens is showing her work at 1st Floor-Ottilia Pribilla Gallery in Antwerp.
1st Floor-Ottilia Pribilla Gallery, Kronenburgstraat 21, 2000 Antwerp.
Open: wednesday-saturday 14:00-18:00
Opening reception: May 8 2008 from 18:00


KunstVlaai A.P.I. 2008
May 10 - 18 2008

Kunstvlaai (Art Pie International) 2008, an art fair for new flavours in art, is taking place at the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam. Here you will find artists initiative, art spaces, and MFA schools. Dutch Art Institute will be present, and also some initiatives by independent DAI students and/or alumni: STeC, YAM.
KunstVlaai A.P.I. 2008


KAAP de Kleinne Biennale 2008
May 11 - June 22 2008

With her recent installation project A Childish Nothingness_Meditation Space DAI the artist Mu Xue, who studied at the DAI from 2004 - 2006, is one of the 10 artist at the Fort Ruigenhoek / Utrecht. Curator of KAAP is Mark Kremer, a regular guest at the DAI.
Opening: Sunday 11 May, 2008, at 15:00
More information at: http://www.kaapweb.nl


Could I sleep well
May 22, 23, 24 2008

“Could I sleep well?” is a cross-sphere theatre work by an artist collective from 10 different countries, some of them involved in the DAI programme. “Could I sleep well?” was initiated by current DAI student Yen Yitzu. “Could I sleep well?” deals with the temporary moment, right before people take a next step. The work is specifically made for the Tetem I building at Roombeek, Enschede. Roombeek is a developing area with temporary character, which is full of possibilities. ‘Could I sleep well?’ will be like a ceremony for the process ‘in between’.
It will be performed during the Balenfestival in Enschede.
Balenfestival, Tetem I, Hulsmaatstraat 35, 7523 WG Enschede
May 22 15:00-16:00; May 23 15:00-16:00; May 24 17:00-18:00.


Be(com)ing Dutch
May 24 – September 9 2008

Following her commitment in November an December 2007 to the Caucus in Eindhoven (participation was offered to a selected group of DAI students as part of the DAI’s curriculum), current DAI student Rana Hamadeh is now invited to partake in the exbibition Be(com)ing Dutch in Eindhoven’s Van Abbe Museum, that will open on May 24rd. Alite Thijsen, the co-ordinator of the transnational DAI project Here as the Centre of the World, will also show work in the exhibition. Other DAI-related participants are guesttutors Hans van Houwelingen, Libia Castro, Ólafur Ólafsson, Annette Krauss, Surasi Kusolwong and Lidwien van der Ven.
Curators : Charles Esche and Annie Fletcher
In 2006 the Mondriaan Foundation awarded its Development Prize for Cultural Diversity to the Van Abbemuseum for the Be(com)ing Dutch project. Within this project’s framework, the museum has organized a diversity of gatherings over the last two years resulting in The Be(com)ing Dutch exhibition.


Vreemde vogels
May 31 - September 30 2008

Vreemde vogels a manifestation with sculptures in and around trees in Borne. DAI staff member Ricardo Liong-A-Kong is participating with ‘bird on a wire’.
Opening: May 31, 15:00 in Oude Kerk, Oude Kerkstraat, Borne.


The Sanjeewa Kumara Exhibition
April 25 - May 14 2008

DAI alumnus Sanjeewa Kumara shows his recent paintings at:
Paradise Road Galleries, 2 Alfred House Road, Colombo 3, Sri Lanka


Achter de ramen
May 2008

DAI alumnus Machteld Aardse is showing her work behind the windows on the corner of Feike de Boerlaan/Borneolaan Amsterdam.
On show day and night


May 24 - June 28 2008

Silvia B., Risk Hazekamp, Paul van den Hout and DAI alumnus Anne Schiffer have work on show at Base-Alpha Gallery, Antwerpen.
Opening: May 24, 19.00
BASE-ALPHA GALLERY, Kattenberg 12, I 2140 Antwerpen


De Nieuwe Salon 2008
June 12 - 29 2008

De Nieuwe Salon 2008 is a group exhibition by selected artists from Utrecht. Among the participants current DAI student Hidenori Mitsue.
De Nieuwe Salon 2008, Lange Nieuwstraat 119, Utrecht.


Games. Their Present-Day Role in Art and Politics
May 28 - July 6, 2008

The series of events and the exhibition scheduled to accompany the European Soccer Championship 2008 in the Kunsthalle project space centers on the politics and present-day role of games. Societies present themselves through their games, whose syntax, semantics, and performative practice both distort the prevailing circumstances and articulate the desires and ideals inherent in them.
On show is work of Jake & Dinos Chapman (UK), Künstlergruppe //////////fur//// (D), Carsten Höller (D), Margarete Jahrmann (A / CH), Max Moswitzer (A), Eastwood-Real Time Strategy Group (SRB), Liddy Scheffknecht (A), Jakob Scheid (A), Paul Sermon (UK), Axel Stockburger (A), Sam Taylor-Wood (UK), Patrick Wiesner (FL), Erwin Wurm (A) and current DAI student Tatia Skhirtladze (A / NL).
Kunsthalle Wien, Museumsplatz 1, A-1070 Vienna


Field Work – part 2
May 31 – July 12 2008

Amy Balkin, Roderick Hietbrink, Juneau Projects, Fritz Haeg, Servet Koçyiğit, Mikael Levin, DAI advisor to the students Rebecca Sakoun and Ingo Vetter & Annette Weisser are participating in Field Work – part 2.
As a two-part exhibition and an ongoing discussion, ‘Field Work’ conjectures two parallel, interconnected, and yet differently orientated trajectories that encompass art, nature and ecology. The exhibitions ‘Field Work - part 1’ and ‘Field Work – part 2’ address contemporary perceptions and understandings of nature.
SMART Project Space, Arie Biemondstraat 105-113, 1054 PD Amsterdam
Opening reception: Saturday 31 May 2008, 21:00


May 31 - June 22 2008

DAI alumnus Anne Schiffer together with Bas Schevers have an exhibition at Sign.
Sign, Winschoterkade 10, Groningen
Opening: May 31 at 17:00.


June 5 - July 5 2008

GUM is a combination of Herentoilet and You Pink Who, two earlier video works of DAI alumnus Jolanda Jansen.
Gum is shown on the videowall of the Stadsschouwburg Utrecht, every day after sunset.
Videowall Stadsschouwburg Utrecht, Lucas Bolwerk 24, Utrecht.


June 13-15 2008

In TECHNOPOLIS/ATHENS (Palamas - Basement) one of the venues of the SYNCH festival in Athens, The Public Screen Project by Center for Contemporary Art Thessaloniki (GR) is taking place.
The Public Screen Project is an investigation into the format of public screens as a platform for artists to expose show and present their works. Screens in the public domain are usually associated with commercials, corporate messages or infomercials from government departments, with other words icons of institutionalized power. How can this nodes and interfaces be used for the arts? The Public Screen Project explores the communicative potential of such screens within a different environment and setting and is looking for different modes of encounters and engagement. The Public Screen Project will feature a wide spectrum of international artists.
In this project the collaborative project SCHISTO:VIEW FROM THE MOUNTAIN (video documentation: 5 minutes) of Maria Sarri and current DAI student Yota Ioannidou is shown.


PALM FICTION - Contemporary art in temporary space
June 28 - July 16 2008

PALM FICTION - Contemporary art in temporary space is an exhibition organized by the White Elephant Collective, a Berlin based international artists group that specializes in these unique but forgotten places of a city. Participating in this exhibition are a.o. DAI alumni Teresa Borasino, Kristen Cooper and Ana Fernandez.
Location: Am Speicher 11,13,15, Stralau, 10245 Berlin


the little moment
June 29 - July 25 2008

the little moment is a show by current DAI student Bani Bannwart in Villa de Bank.
Opening: June 29 at 15.00.
Villa de Bank, Espoortstraat 182, 7511 CM Enschede, info@villadebank.nl.


"You Can Never Go Home Again"
Joint Custody Project Berlin + Los Angeles

DAI alumnus Katja Sonnewend is participating in this project with 23 other artists from Berlin.


June 26 - August 31 2008

Current DAI student Suzanne van Rest is, among others, showing her work in the gardens of Heringastate, also known as Poptaslot.
Poptaslot, Slotleane 1, Marssum