April Chronicle by line kramer.

| tag: Tunis

Different qualities of divination or fortunetelling, performed or played out game-wise and capable to create future narratives, prospects or fiction have become my main thread in the tissues of the COOP. When in Tunis, I kept on finding playing cards and once back home this strangely continued.

This guided me into the design of a board-game, a playful first step into cartomancy. Each player engages on ‘a road’ that will lead them into a specific card set (street). This street of cards becomes a classical layout for the divination.

Meanwhile I’ve developed an interest in small ‘corona-style’ games that have the resonance of mini installations, or could be seen as ‘one-minute-sculptures’ 


COOP study group: Performing the Living )) (( Living the Performing Reconnecting with Cycles.