May Chronicle by Jose Iglesias Ga-Arenal and Gabriela dos Santos

West Fractal (title borrowed by Jose Iglesias Ga-Arenal)

I was walking following the sun. 

Also following the water source. 

Looking for water and new mirrors and reflections. 

The fountain was almost arid and the sun was looking for the tree during the drying moment. 

The image of drying was in my head before I came there. 

The past was the tree looking to the last water

and the sun was the present of the tree. 

The future was two eyes between the sun and a disk that was on the tree to scare the birds.

The future-past, the present-past, the past in present. The water is around at that moment. 

Gabriela dos Santos 


COOP study group: Performing the Living )) (( Living the Performing Reconnecting with Cycles.