DAI-bulletin 2007-2008 number three November 2007

This is the third issue of the monthly DAI-bulletin in the academic year 2007-2008, informing you about our program, about important dates and events.

Students: please keep it with you as an extension to your diary. Alterations and additions to the program will be e-mailed to you. SO PLEASE READ YOUR E-MAILS EVERY DAY.

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DAI PROGRAMME November 2007

Outside DAI projects:
are projects, workshops and seminars initiated and organised by (and sometimes in collaboration with) befriended institutes and organisations in the field of art, culture and theory.
‘Outside DAI projects’ are a non-mandatory part of the the DAI-curriculum that can be accredited with ECTS studypoints. Participation in ‘Outside DAI projects’is possible upon entering specific selection procedures.

November 9 - December 6
Be(com)ing Dutch: the Eindhoven caucus
DAI students Teresa Maria Diaz Nerio and Rana Hamadeh represent the DAI at theVan Abbemuseum in Eindhoven, where a four week caucus is taking place as part of the museums project ‘Be(com)ing Dutch’. This two-year project was developed both inside and outside the Van Abbemuseum and consists of debates, reading groups, artist‘s projects, exhibitions, residencies, and forms of collective participation and production. The caucus takes place from November 9 till December 6. More information on Be(com)ing Dutch and the public programme of the caucus can be found on www.becomingdutch.com.

Monday November 19
Lunch: 12.30 - 13.00
Dinner: 18.00 - 19.30

First year students:
11.00 - 17.30 project room
The ongoing seminar Media Theory by Willem van Weelden

This month:
Invisibility and the context of mediation.

With a focus on developments of photography, cinema (film/video), and electronic communication, today‘s session tries to theorize with help of thinkers like Benjamin, de Certeau and Zizek a new conception of 'everydayness' in the light of our unsatisfiable need for mediation to experience the Real. Special attention will be given to the concept of 'interpassivity', the shadow of the buzzword of the nineties: 'interactivity'. From that treatment attention will be given to media activism and a critical art practice that expands the current notions of design and responsibility.

Willem van Weelden has a background in social philosophy and visual art. He is committed to new media from 1990 onwards and has published on this topic in various magazines and catalogues. He was involved in numerous new media projects as a creative director and coach. Currently his focus is on writing and teaching.

Second year students:
11.00 - 17.30 theory classroom at the AKI
The Publications Project, a collaborative project between the Werkplaats Typografie and the DAI, run by Emily Pethick

The DAI is not in favour of the concept of graduation shows or Open Days where 'the' artworld is invited to come and shop for the most catchy version of the Young & New.

The DAI prefers to guide its students to other, more sustainable platforms and therefore offers them to produce a small individual publication in an edition of 250 copies.
A book can be brought to any place in the world at any moment. It is the artist him or herself who decides upon the When, Where and to Whom. While disseminating his or her book each artist can be very precise in adressing specific, possibly more receptive audiences in stead of allowing his or her work to be swayed by the issues of the day.

Each DAI student will be connected to a graphic designer, always a master student at the Werkplaats Typografie in Arnhem.
Emily Pethick will tutor the editorial part of the production and will mediate the collaboration between artists and designers.

Emily Pethick is director of Casco, Office for Art, Design and Theory in Utrecht. She was one of the founders of Publish and be Damned. Surveying an abundance of independent publications, Publish and Be Damned demonstrates individual approaches to making and distributing the work of artists, writers and musicians outside of the commercial mainstream through magazine fairs, a touring archive and occasional events.

All students:
20.00 - 22.00 project room
The Media Theory lecture: Eclipse of the Spectacle and the Culture of Real-Virtuality
by Eric Kluitenberg

“It is time to leave the theories of Debord about the Society of the Spectacle behind us. If today we witness the hyper-spectacular in the mass media, this should not fool us. It is not the apotheosis of the spectacle, but much rather the eclipse of the spectacle - the final moment of tragic sublimity, of hyper-violence, before it fades out....”
(Opening of a column for the InfoWarRoom series, June 8 2007)

It is silly to declare mass media dead when they are all around us and more massive than ever. An unprecedented mass of people on this planet requires an unprecedented level of mass media. However, to think that this is purely the ‘success’, or even the apotheosis of mass media means to misperceive essential characteristics of the contemporary global media-experience. (more on our website under Projects: Mediatheory)

Eric Kluitenberg is a theorist, writer, and organizer on culture, media and technology. He is head of the media program at De Balie - Centre for Culture and Politics in Amsterdam, and teaches a.o. at the Institute for Interactive Media at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. He lectures and publishes extensively on culture, new media, and cultural politics throughout Europe and beyond.
His publications include, The Book of Imaginary Media (NAi Publishers, Fall 2006); Hybrid Space - theme issue of Open - Cahier for Art and the Public Domain #11, Amsterdam, November 2006; Debates & Credits, Media / Art / Public Domain, De Balie, 2003; Delusive Spaces - with the Institute of Network Cultures (forthcoming Early 2008), as well as many essays.

Tuesday November 20
Lunch: 12.30 - 13.00
Dinner: 18.00 - 19.30

All students:
9.30 - 10.30 Project room
Plenary meeting with the course director.
A space for Q and A‘s,suggestions and remarksconcerning the DAI.

All students:
11.00 - 17.00
Leaving the Cocoon, Facing the World
Today: the second phase of Leaving the Cocoon, Facing the World by Ronald van Tienhoven. This Toolkit-workshop introduces you to all sorts of strategies that artists, architects and designers have employed in order to bring their body of thoughts and works to the attention of peers as well as audiences, clients and other professional relations.

Ronald van Tienhoven is an artist and designer since 1982. From 1993 onward he has worked mainly in the public domain with projects and commissions both in the Netherlands and abroad. Through the wide focus and context of his work he has cooperated intensively with architects, urban designers, landscape designers, engineers and filmmakers. Between 1993 and 1997 he worked as freelance advisor for art in the Public Realm at the Mondriaan Foundation in Amsterdam, and advised and curated projects and exhibitions for Stroom Den Haag. He has taught and lectured in a multitude of art and design institutes. At this moment he is Domain Manager for Domain Play in the Bachelors and Masters Coach at the TU/e Industrial Design department.

All students:
20.00 Project room
The Edward Said-lecture:
African Cinema and the Postcolonial Discourse
By Mariët Bakker

For the Edward Said lecture the DAI invites scholars, writers and curators and other cultural practioners whose research and/ or practice is informed by (aspects of) postcolonial theory. The DAI invites them to talk about their research in relation to certain theoretical notions that derive from the work of postcolonial scolars and writers.

In this month's lecture Mariët Bakker will show various clips from African and diasporan films. With these clips she will give an overview of the work of a variety of filmmakers from the continent and its diasporan filmmakers and their view on postcoloniality.

Mariët Bakker is the founder and (until 2005) also the artistic director of the film festival Africa in the Picture. She has taught African cinema all over the world and was a jury member at this year‘s Pan African Film Festival Fespaco in Ouagadougou. She currently works as a yoga teacher and personal coach in Amsterdam.

Wednesday November 21
Lunch: 12.30 - 13.00
Dinner: 18.00 - 19.30

First year students:
9.30 - 11.00 Project room
Understanding Media Theory
a supporting lecture by John Heymans

Apart from Willem van Weelden's lectures on mediatheory, a somehow provoking book written by theorist Arjen Mulder might introduce you further into this field. Two important parts of the book have been copied. John Heymans will introduce this book in a little crash course for the first year's students. Mulder's book will be the starting point for the paper with which you have to end this part of the DAI-course.

Mentor group DAI public
11.30 - 17.00 AKI classroom
Florian Göttke: Mentor program DAI public

Mentor group DAI private
11.30 - 17.00 Project room
Rik Fernhout: Mentor program DAI private

All students:
20.30 Project room
The DAI public lecture
Theoretical Positions concerning Art and the Public Domain
By Jeroen Boomgaard

Jeroen Boomgaard has been teaching Art History of the Modern Era at the Universiteit van Amsterdam since 1983. He obtained his PhD with honors in 1995 with a thesis titled 'The Prodigal Son; Rembrandt and Dutch art historiography'. He is working as Professor for Art and Public Space at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam since January 2003, and fulfils a position in the Faculty of Building and Architecture at the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven.
He regularly publishes articles about avant-garde issues and art and public space in Dutch and foreign magazines.

Thursday November 22
Lunch: 12.30 - 13.00
Dinner: 18.00 -19.30

All students
9.30 - 17.30 Project room

Artist presentations by Julien Grossmann, Maciej Duchowski, Danielle Davidson, Suzanne van Rest, Yota Ioannides, Jae-Min Kim, Tzvika Gutter and Ljubica Cvoric.

Reviewed by: Rik Fernhout - mentor DAI private and Florian Göttke - mentor DAI public and Gabriëlle Schleijpen - course director and one guest. Moderator: John Heijmans - mentor Theory

Today‘s Guest reviewer: Ulay

Ulay (Uwe Laysiepen, 1943, Solingen, Germany) studied photography from 1962-68 after an apprenticeship as a mechanical engineer. He worked in the fields of experimental photography, film and environment until 1975. In all his works the central content is the relationship of body, space and society. During his live he traveled to different countries to collaborate with local artists, among others the Netherlands, Central Australia, China, Germany, United States.
From 1976 to 1989 he worked together with Marina Abramović. The performances of this period are amongst the best known of Ulay's work. In 1988, Ulay and Abramovic decided to make a spiritual journey, which would end their relationship. Each of them walked the Great Wall of China, starting from the two opposite ends and meeting in the middle. Ulay started from the Gobi Desert and Abramović from the Yellow Sea. After each of them walked 2500 km, they met in the middle and said “good-bye”.
Due to his education as a photographer, he documented his performances constantly. One of his favorite media is and was the Polaroid. After 5 years as a professor for performance and media-art at the Staatliche Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe (1999 - 2004) in Germany he moved back to Amsterdam but he still travels through the world. He continues working with photography but performed for the last time at Mediamatic's “It's Happening Now” in Amsterdam on May 6th 2007. His actual project WATERTOALL focuses on the Arab world and its water shortage in comparison with the sinking Netherlands.

All students:
19.00 - Project room
The DAI private lecture:
Artists lecture by Ulrike Rosenbach

Ulrike Rosenbach (1943 Bad Salzdetfurth) is the most renowned international video artist from Germany working with videotapes, installations and performances. She was one of the first artists in Germany to not only use video for documentation purposes but for experiments with the electronic image. Her videotapes were highly successful in their critique of the traditional representation of women. They helped to formulate an identity of women from a feminist perspective. For her, video is «not burdened with art history like painting.» With Klaus vom Bruch and Marcel Odenbach she formed the independent production group ATV, exploring «alternative television» in various ways. Ulrike Rosenbach, herself once a “Meisterschülerin” of Joseph Beuys has been widely teaching at German and international art schools. Till 2007 she was a Professor in New Artistic Media at the Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Saar in Saarbrücken.

Friday November 23
Lunch: 12.30 - 13.00
Afterdrinks in DAI‘s cantina: 17.00 -18.00

9.30 - 17.30
Studio visits and private conversations with:
John Heijmans (meetings with 2nd year students on their thesis in the tutors room), Florian Göttke and Rik Fernhout.

Today‘s guest advisors:Ulay, Ulrike Rosenbach (see Thursday),Mark Kremer, Roland Schimmel, and Rebecca Sakoun.
Roland Schimmel studied at the Academy for Visual Arts in Arnhem. In his works (paintings, murals and video‘s) he researches the effect of the ‘afterimage’. The images stimulate impulses, reflexes and reactions that lead to these afterimages. `Reading’ the paintings in the usual way is almost impossible. In 2006 his book Blind Spot was released by Roma publishers.

Mark Kremer is active in the art world since 1987, when he joined the Time Based Arts in Amsterdam as their youngest staff member, and worked there for a year.
After graduating as an art historian and archeologist in 1988, he participated in 1990-91 in the curator course of école du Magasin, Centre d‘Art Contemporain at Grenoble. Back in Amsterdam he started to write extensively on contemporary art developments and artists. He curated a.o. ‘Joy & Pain...’ at ICA/Amsterdam, 1992; the arts section of Festival a/d Werf in Utrecht from 1994 to 1997.

Since 2000 Mark Kremer is active as a curator, writer and guest teacher at art academies. Exhibitions include ‘Höhere Wesen befahlen: anders malen’, Smart Project Space, Amsterdam 2001-02; Mike Tyler and et al.: The Wanderer Project, Christchurch, New Zeeland 2002; Sculpture Quadriennale Riga 2004, curator Dutch participation by Hans van Houwelingen; The Projection Project, MuHKA, Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp, 2006-07.

For more information regarding his curatorial work/ideas, surf to: It‘s okay to be in the shade. An interview with Mark Kremer by Livia Paldi.

Rebecca Sakoun was born in Los Angeles, California. She earned a Bachelor‘s Degree in Anthropology and Sociology from Smith College and a Master’s in Fine Art (Photography) from Yale University. She completed a post-graduate residency at the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten. Since 2000, she has been based in Amsterdam. She has exhibited her photographs, videos, and made performances at the CCCB (Barcelona), Museum Ludwig (Köln), Sammlung Essl (Vienna), W 139 (Amsterdam), Galerie Ludovic de Wavrin (Paris) and De Paviljoens in Almere.

//////////// THIS TIME IT IS PRIVATE////////////

November 9 - December 1

Together with three other artists, DAI alumnus Anne Schiffer was selected to participate in the Black Magic Woman Award together with Mounira Al Solh (winner), Monali Meher, and Katarina Zdjelar. The exhibition 'Boerenmeisjes' can be seen at the Centrum Beeldende Kunst Zuid Oost, Bijlmerdreef 119, Amsterdam. (www.cbkzuidoost.nl)


November 10 - December 15

Current DAI student Carlijn Mens shows works in the exhibition ‘Hier Tekenen’, curated by Alex de Vries. Galerie 25 Limited, Lijnbaansgracht 311, 1017 WZ Amsterdam, 020-626 7334, open: wed-sat 13-18 uur. www.galeries.nl.


November 17 - December 22

Regular DAI guest tutor Margret Wibmer shows new work. The exhibition, named NATTO, can be seen at Gallery Lumen Travo, Lijnbaansgracht 314, Amsterdam. Open wed-sat 13-18. www.lumentravo.nl


November 1 - November 27

‘Where, What, Who, When and How’ is an exhibition of visual art with, amongst others, DAI alumni Sanjeewa Kumara and Sujeewa Kumari. Barefoot Gallery Colombo, 704 Galle Road, Colombo 03, www.barefootgallery.com.


November 23 - January 10

Mooi van Ver - Wall Paintings in Rotterdam is an exhibition with Jan van de Pavert, DAI alumnus Simon Schrikker, Freya Wisman, Olphaert den Otter, Ewoud van Rijn, Lidwien van de Ven, Bas Zoontjens, Bima Engels and Antistrot. The exhibition coincides with the publication of Mooi van Ver - Muurschilderingen in Rotterdam (compilation and text by Siebe Thissen).TENT, Witte de Withstraat 50, 3012 BR Rotterdam, www.tentrotterdam.nl


November 8 - December 8

DAI student Tatia Skhirtladze participates in the exhibition ‘WAYPOINTS LIKE SHARON’S STONE’, and art/research project about
African and Africanized spaces in and in relation to Vienna. The project is curated by Andrea Börner and Bärbel Müller. Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna


November 9 - December 21

Alite Thijsen (co-curator & coordinator Here as the Centre of the World) shows new work in Filmtheather het Hoogt in Utrecht. The installation is based on images she filmed in Japan. Filmtheater 't Hoogt, Hoogt 4, 3512 GW Utrecht, tel: 030-2328388, www.hoogt.nl.

More works by Alite Thijsen in Kunstcentrum Hengelo, Industriestraat 17a Hengelo (www.kunstcentrumhengelo.nl). Till December 23.


November 8 - December 21

Together with the other winners of the ArtOlive Jong Talent ’07 prize, current DAI student Hidenori Mitsue will also show work in the exhibition OFFLINE # 6
Art Olive, Westergasfabriekterrein, Polonceaukade 17, 1014 DA Amsterdam
tel: 020-6758504, www.artolive.com


November 10 - January 13

Playground Theatre is an exhibition by DAI alumnus Sara Pessoain Galerie De Zwarte Panter (Hoogstraat 70-72-74, Antwerp, www.artsite.be/zwartepanter). Vernissage on November 10 with, at 20.00, an introduction by the writer Douglas Park.


November 9, 10, 11

DAI alumnus Sjanet Bijker presents her audioscultpure OSTINATO at AUDIO OFFICE #2 in Groningen. AUDIO OFFICE #2 presents sound installations, performances and dj-sets. www.audiooffice.nl


October 12 - December 9

Current DAI student Yota Ioannidou participates in AGORAFOLLY outside / Public art walk at La centrale électrique, De Elektriciteitscentrale /
Sint-Katelijneplein 44 / Brussel / 1000