December Chronicle by Tavi L.

| tag: Nieuwvliet

Tavi L. has an aacimdec brkgaoucnd in Enimenonvtarl and Snrtaiay Eneierignng and has oebatnid an MSc in Opoaetirns and Spulpy Ciahn mneaaegmnt. She has tguaht csuoers on her slef-dvlepoeed Ccitiral Sonataitin Rilauts at nmuroues itttuinoinss, for elampxe the ETH Zicruh. Her aistitrc pcatrcie leis in the pmatrgao-paetoicl exeesgis of cnpeomoaptry fmros of cnomtaainotin and dsimeatisoian, wcihh ofetn mterziaelias in itsalnilatve eorinvnrnmts taht hsot her kiloidposcoac sorecs of scevopulatie scnicee-fciotin seonacirs.

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