2016 - 2018 Clementine Edwards

Clementine Edwards is a Rotterdam-based artist whose practice is led by sculpture. Her art looks at how certain experiences and relationships might be enriched and expanded through material and at the reproductive potential of non-sentient materials. She works within the lens of post-traumatic stress disorder, departing from the concept of grounding. By addressing the historical present of the materials she engages with within her own situated present-tense, and by applying pressure to those presents, Clementine can then understand them as embodied and interlocked within her social network, as part of a queer and complex web that holds her up. 

Clementine's ongoing research line is material kinship, which has its genealogy in the settler-colonial administration known as Australia. She locates material kinship within the context of climate colonialism in an attempt to situate both her own body, as a white femme, and the black and brown bodies upon which her settler-colonial privilege is built. With uncontested access to personhood via whiteness, Clementine is then in a position to recuperate non-sentient material as oddkin, and approach the subject as intimate world-building in the context of climate crisis.





Learn more about Clementine's 20 minute presentation Take a pug apart and put it back together a pomeranian for CONSTANT CRAVING ~ PERFORMING UNDER CONDITIONS - DAI's 3 day grad acts marathon at State of Concept in Athens, June 2018. 

Learn more about Clementine Edwards’ written MA thesis: Proposition: To Complicate the Position of Having Been Raped

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