In a time when we all have been reduced to being wallflowers trapped in a square screen and we sorely miss our DAI get togethers, we invite DAI workers, students and tutors to come join us in a virtual bar, in the afterhours of WALTER books, for some unorganized fun, with the books as our accomplices. Bring your own drinks.

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DAI dream BAR hosted by WALTER books

Bi-weekly sabbatical online gathering for subversive dreaming, reading, gossip and more.
Sunday 21st June @ 16:00 CET.
Where: ZOOM

Don't you think it's funny that in Buffy the Vampire Slayer the gang always meets in a library, before setting off on a night of joyful slaying? I don't think it's funny at all. Does not surprise me one bit. Books are excellent instigators of all kinds of shenanigans. It doesn't even have to be about actually reading them. Maybe even more than that, it's their unread presence on the shelves, like mysterious square wallflowers showing you only their covers or their spines, that calmly pronounces: "go on, ask me to dance".  

xo Krista