Mitologias | Mythologies /Cité Internationale des Arts/ Barbara Wagner (DAI, 2011) a.o.

| tag: Paris

The artists included in this exhibition have a particular interest in revisiting and reinterpreting the various mythologies and clichés associated with Brazilian culture, recapturing and updating concepts that are fundamental to our modernity, creating mythical images based on contemporary experiences or demystifying folkloric images and exploring the expanse and heterogeneity of the Brazilian territory. Thus, a body of works in Mythologies revisits and reinterprets our anthropophagic and abstract-geometric artistic legacy. Other works highlight territorial and geographical concepts, connecting with landscapes, architecture and specific characters from different places. There are also works that look more specifically at political and economic aspects, crossing the timespan that separates the two major periods of Brazilian development, 1950/60 and 2000/10.

One of the participating artists is Barbara Wagner (DAI alumnus).

Cité Internationale des Arts (résidence d'artistes).18, rue de l'Hôtel de Ville, 75004, Paris,

Barbara Wagner: