Ona Bros

tag: Barcelona

Ona Bros aspires to play rigorously, as she did at the age of five. She calls herself a photographer, and photography is for her the place where to leave from and always return to.

Her learning field is that of image and artistic production (graduate in Photography at the Centre of Image and Multimedia Technology, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC); graduate in Art History, Universitat de Barcelona (UB); Master in Artistic Production and Research, Universitat de Barcelona (UB)).

She received political training in activism and transfeminism. She is interested in the relationship between bodies, politics and images. She is interested in twisted movements, such as thinking about images from performance or other perspectives. For the last four years she has been working as a producer and director of lesbian porn. From this experience she has created the piece “Cum Shot”, with which she continues to work today (In-Prescindibles#33 at La Poderosa, Barcelona, 2016; Polivalentes 10 Random at Hangar, Barcelona, 2017; residence at La Caldera de Les Corts, Barcelona,  2018;  residence at Estruch, Sabadell, 2019).

She has produced several photographic essays on gender and migration issues, and other projects such as “Memorybytes: domestic memories”, interactive documentary and collective processes (grant from the Consell Nacional de la Cultura i de les Arts, 2011; grant from the Oficina de Suport a la Iniciativa Cultural de la Generalitat de Catalunya, 2012; it was exhibited at ACVic, Centre d'Arts Contemporànies, Vic).

She is a founding member and part of the driving team of the cooperative project "Fuga. Centre de Fotografia" www.fugafoto.com.