April 3, 2020~Marie-Andrée Pellerin (DAI, 2015) writes: "I am involved in an artist run space called bb15 in Linz, Austria. TONIGHT we organise a video art screening in relation with our series called "Cinéma Maison". Usually, we screen the videos in the real space of bb15, but this time we propose, in relation with the COVID situation, the "at-home-edition". This means that it can be seen online in other countries too! And i wanted to share this particular event because my co-organisor and me invited, among others, Bryony Gillard (DAI 2015) with her beautiful work "Unctuous Between Fingers" (2019)."

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The program presents alternative readings of the nature documentary genre, bringing into feminist, post-colonial and non-anthropocentric perspectives. The videos will be released at 19:30 on Friday 3rd and be accessible until April 10th at the same link:
Marie-Andrée Pellerin
Bryony Gillard