Jasmin Schädler: With a Human Face? - Aesthetics and Politics of Datafication


Advisor/tutor: Antonia Majaca

July 2020


With a Human Face? - Aesthetics and Politics of Datafication” investigates artistic strategies that recenter the humanness of data. By following the works of three contemporary artists, data collection and dataset formation are critically discussed. Mimi Ọnụọha's work enfolds the discussion of missing datasets and the consequences; this is complimented with a discussion of search engine data voids. Adam Harvey's work cautions about the overcollection of biometric data, especially in the context of law enforcement and in relation to the discussion around camera surveillance. Caroline Sinders' work stresses the humanness of data and the consequential importance of human rights with respect to collection and processing. A discussion of design, technology and science unfolds through her work. The aim of the paper is to bring further attention to perspectives reaching beyond the practical. This is done by questioning the inevitability of technology and by identifying its ideological components. Finally, complexity and diversity in perspectives are called upon as the outlook to further development.