Flávia Palladino (DAI, 2020) and Raphael Daibert (DAI, 2020) are sharing this Donation Call: a joint effort against Covid-19 in Rio de Janeiro/ Brazil

Dearests friends, 

We're writing because that's all we can do right now from afar.

Please consider this as a suggestion for those who are able to do it- if you're not, don't worry, just letting people know what is happening might be somehow useful.

As a joint effort we are asking for donations to support groups who are struggling to fight COVID19 inside the favelas in Rio de Janeiro / Brazil.

Any help is important (even sharing this email with family/friends) considering the disastrous consequences the spread of the virus might have.

The time is now.

The group we are in contact with works at Complexo do Alemão, Rio de Janeiro and is called VOZ DAS COMUNIDADES together with COLETIVO PAPO RETO.

Please check the attachment.

All the money will be spent in SOAP, WATER (there's lack of water) and alcohol gel to be distributed.

You can check their amazing work under #covid19nasfavelas or @vozdacomunidade and @CPapo_Reto on twitter.
Papo Reto : https://www.witness.org/coletivo-papo-reto-combating-police-violence-in-brazil/

Voz das Comunidades: https://www.facebook.com/vozdascomunidades/

The only possible transfer is between bank accounts in Brazil as there’s no paypal yet.

So, the idea is to facilitate this international transfer through Flavia's brazilian bank account.

She will do the expected amount, send the receipt and then you can pay her via E.U. transfer or when we meet -

soon, hopefully.

In short, those who can donate something:

* contact us and tell the amount to be sent (please copy us both)

* we transfer it via Flavia's account in BR

* we send you the receipt and their confirmation

* you transfer her the money inside E.U. or pay her when we meet again

Very high donations cannot be made this way because of her limited funds, so in case this wonderful possibility appears, contact us or them via whatsapp and let's make it happen somehow.

If you'd rather donate to some other group, from a different community, tell us where, which one and we will find the needed information and send it to you. There’s no minimum amount.

Please find our contacts below and If you have questions please reach us anytime.


Thank you very much!

Take care, be well.


Flavia and Rapha