CALL from Sara Begnalia (DAI, 2020): Sign petition for COVID-19 tests be carried out on the entire population of Bergamo, Italy.

Dear members of the DAI community (and beyond), 

We hope this mail finds you, your family and close friends safe and healthy. 

We have received a letter from our dearest Sara Benaglia (DAI, 2020), residing in Bergamo, Italy with an urgent call and a request to support a petition for COVID-19 tests to be carried out in the entire region. 

We are pleased to hear that Sara remains healthy. Nevertheless, we cannot overlook that fact that she and her family (along with the whole region) have been profoundly effected by the ramifications and devastating ripple effects of the virus pandemic. 

We thus kindly ask you to take the time and read the following statement and encourage you to sign the petition and share it to your extended network.

Sending you all strength, resilience and support and stay healthy! 

Warm regards, 

The DAI team.


Petition: COVID-19 to Bergamo citizens


"In these hours Bergamo, the city I live in, is going through a very painful trial due to the COVID-19 emergency. We know how many families are experiencing the loss of their loved ones but also how many elderly people are suffering inside nursing homes and private homes. 

In Italy the family is an important nucleus of society, also because economic reasons push different generations to support each other where there is a lack of structural support from society. 

This means that there are many territorial situations in which, even during a quarantine, the elderly come into contact with younger people, perhaps asymptomatic. 

For this reason quarantine is not enough, Bergamo has no more time to lose. We ask that, given the very high state of emergency in our territory, tests be carried out on the entire population of Bergamo. An industrial city is also a city that invests in the well-being of its citizens, ensuring that health is truly guaranteed for everyone. We call for an intelligent quarantine. 

A few days ago the Corriere della Sera published an article in which it stated that the citizens of Lombardy are geolocalised through their mobile cellular mobile devices. Surveillance is useless unless it is accompanied by COVID-19 tests. 

For this reason we ask the Mayor Gori and the mayors of the whole province of Bergamo to carry out a model that can consciously save many more lives. This is the reason why I ask you to sign this petition. 

Thank you very much."