Emma Hedditch

"I want to begin our conversation immediately - to constitute an association, a representation of my interest in an identification with you and them, not to be seen as a static set of relations based only on the past associations or on an individual author or narrative. This being is the most accurate description of what role or part I think an 'I' could activate, here and now. For it is a social history and accumulative past that breaks into the present, not one that charts isolated instances, accounted for through abstract behaviour, summoning concrete institutions that back up, prop up what we might better articulate as a desired life."

Emma Hedditch (1972) is an artist, and a volunteer for the Cinenova Working Group, a feminist film and video distributor based in London. Her work focuses on daily practice, culture and distribution of knowledge as political actions.

Currently Emma is visiting artist at the Copenhagen Art Academy, and is participating in the exhibition 'Community Without Propinquity' at Milton Keynes Gallery, Milton Keynes.

Emma Hedditch at the DAI: Occupation / Evacuation / Transmission