Borut Vogelnik / IRWIN

tag: Ljubljana

A Slovenian art collective. 
In this masterclass the artists of the Slovenian art collective IRWIN and students of DAI/MFA ArtEZ, talk about how artists could create spaces, parallel to political and social structures in society. Spaces in which people are able to approach each other in new and different ways. The masterclass is part of an intense collaboration between DAI/MFA ArtEZ and IRWIN.

The presentation of IRWIN takes place within the context of FRIENDS! (ArtEZ studium generale) and of the seminar 'Situation Artistic Practice Today - On where we are and how we got there' organized by the Van Abbemuseum for the DAI/MFA ArtEZ .

The Slovenian art collective IRWIN founded in the early 80s, has responded to the collapse of Yugoslavia with a declaration of independence, forming a new, artist state: NSK State in Time. This monumental and collective artistic act is now already 20 years old and marks one of the most charged and interesting art projects in recent history. It has countered the disintegration of community life by creating new forms of relationships and communal discourse. In a social environment marked by mistrusted and anxiety IRWIN has installed a space where it is possible to encounter each again – as friends.

Borut Vogelnik is an artist based in Ljubljana. He is the co-founder of the Irwin artists group and of the art organisation Neue Slovenische Kunst. He is also an assistant professor at the Academy for Visual Art in Ljubljana.

Together with four other members of Irwin (Dušan Mandic, Miran Mohar, Andrej Savski and Roman Uranjek) he has participated in all Irwin projects and exhibitions since 1983.