Bewährungsprobe #33 @ depot, Vienna. January 20, 2020: Stephan Blumenschein (DAI, 2018) speaks about his practice and some works, addressing key concerns in his research. Read about this event and more, coming up soon.

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Stephan Blumenschein will be sharing the stage with Birgit Knoechel, who will also give a presentation. FB

He writes us: "Spring will bring some more :

+ The coming issue of Kunstlicht will feature my work "Protocols 1,2 and 3 for exhibition documentation".

+ Matthieu Blond's "Journal" - an immaterial publication which is presented as a solo performance - is fabulous and hilarious to watch. I am very excited to contribute with an essay about doors in exhibition spaces to the upcoming issue.

+ Significant Other, run by Laura Amann and Jen Kratchvil, is an exhibition space in Vienna looking at the mutually influential relations of Art and Architecture. For their entrance door I am designing a new door handle. What a great thing to do! Soon to be attached."