My Mother is My Knitter I will keep her garments safe, true beefeater. Public Performance Lecture + FHIC (Fashion Held in Common) Workshop with Taka Taka (DAI, 2016). When:14 and 15 November at Kortestraat 27, Arnhem

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Public Performance Lecture | Thursday 14 November 18:00 – 20:00 hours

Drag is a megaphone for social impact.
Drag identity comes forward through empowerment and playing with expectations, appropriating characteristics of known symbols and pushing forward a dramatic sense of the ideal self.
How can we learn to imply diversity and creativity to make the future not only interesting and sustainable but also more fun?

How can we move through archetypes of social empowerment while remaining resourceful, to play with expectations and identity?
While presenting its mother's knitted creations, Taka Taka opens up the subject of Cybernetics as a system of governing ourselves; a system that can help us to take action for our needs (community), aiming to create an efficient feedback loop that fulfils those needs for ourselves (community). 


FHiC Workshop | Friday 15 November 10:00 – 17:00 hours

The gender clown workshop.
A one-day workshop on character construction.
We will break down the basic elements for moulding a character: 

- Name Gender 
- Makeup 
- Costume
- Movement 
- Purpose 
- Aesthetic Frame 

We will slow down the process of character creation and share knowledge and skills through interactive play.
Students are encouraged to bring their own reference palette as well as to create and make the characters' garments props etc.

Taka Taka identifies as a professional drag-thing who produces performances as art director for the House of Hopelezz.

Taka Taka is a sister for others, a mother of the drag king house of Løstbois, and proud daughter of Jenifer Hopelezz.

Club Church (Amsterdam) is the house's headquarters and Taka Taka organizes weekly queer parties (Blue) by including political and gender asylum seekers, friends with the virus, misfits, and party monsters.

Taka Taka sees life through the lens of Dragctivism (MFA Dutch Art Institute, 2016) by practising para-educational strategies for the margins of the marginal LGBTQIA ++ community.

About the Programme

Fashion Held in Common invites you to join us in activating the dynamic and powerful potential of fashion to create social, cultural, ecological and economic change.
It offers a clearing, an opening in which experimentation, curiosity and spontaneity are celebrated as operative modes of being.

How do I want to live? What brings me joy? How do I extend that joy to others?
Fashion, garments and performativity are our tools and primary means of inquiry.
Through our integrated and holistic fashion practices, we develop our potential to contribute and engage, and expand our awareness of what it means to be human.

The curriculum is structured to support participants in creating, growing and cultivating an autonomous practice and/or business that they sustain well beyond the two-year duration of the programme. It seeks to support the development of this practice and or business through a combination of individual and collective experiences both within the programme and through immersive learning experiences with external partners.