Thursday October 10, 2019

Thursday October 10

Before 14:30

check-in incoming & returning students at their accommodation for this week at

Stay OkayDiepenbrocklaan 27, 6815 AH Arnhem

We recommend that you walk together through the Sonsbeek park to Theater Het Hof, Boekhorstenstraat 58, 6828 DV Arnhem

14:30: Doors open at Theater Het Hof

15:00 - 19:00

Welcome and General Introduction to all things DAI

Location: Theater Het Hof, Boekhorstenstraat 58

Welcome and introduction to all things DAI in the academic year 2019-2020 and beyond.


Meet & Greet around the dinner table

Location: Walter Books, Looierstraat 43, Arnhem. Catering: Pick-Up