Maria Arnal and Ilan Manouach (DAI, 2017) ask: Is it possible to imagine an alternative notation system in music that involves embodied activity? And to which extent this notation system can pledge for a “secularized”, diversified and non-normative multicultural experience that is open to both visually impaired and sighted participants? 

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Shapereader started in 2015 with the goal to produce a tactile narrative similar to a comic book, that would demonstrate that touch and the tactile sense can be a vector of syntactical cognizance and tactile literacy. Since 2015, it developed an international outreach through artist conferences, lectures and exhibitions and has been the subject of major international media outlets, MA theses and research papers. Its ongoing outreach plan is unfolding in a variety of formats, international contexts and collaborations, with different operators situated in diverse fields of expertise and contexts.

Four years later in 2019 with the institutional support of Echo Chamber, follow us while we are testing in collaboration with artist Maria Arnal, the proceedings of Shapereader in the creation of a universal, embodied notation system for music. 

June 6-8 | Hirikilabs. Digital Culture & Technology Laboratory, Donosti 
Shapereader Chorus (3-day workshop)
An opportunity for sonic experimentation that allows for the inclusion of diverse bodies and non-hegemonic sensory experiences in the process of musical composition and interpretation.

June 9 |  Tabakalera Media Lab, Donosti
Toda la Memoria del Mundo. Seminario Internacional de Cine
Public presentation of the workshop, performance and Q&A with the participants.   

June 13 | MACBA, Barcelona
La Cuina, A series of weekly talks and performances.
Curated by Marina Monsonís.

Ilan Manouach