DAI-bulletin 2010-2011 number seven April 2011

This is the seventh issue of the monthly DAI-bulletin in the academic year 2010-2011, informing you about our program during the DAI-week. Instead of asking its master students to be present at the institute on a daily base the DAI offers an alternative educational environment: once per month(11 times per year) students, faculty and invited guests come to the DAI in Arnhem for a full week and take part in an intense program (consisting of lectures, artists talks, performances, seminars, face to face conversations, projects, master classes and workshops) that lasts from early morning until late at night. 
A cook prepares the afternoon and evening meals that students, faculty and guests enjoy together. During the DAI-week students spend the night in an accommodation in Arnhem provided by the DAI. In between DAI-weeks all return to their daily practices as artists and researchers - scattered over the Netherlands, or abroad.
Please note that:
- biographical notes on our guests can be found on our website under ‘Faculty’ and ‘Guests’.
- all parts of the curriculum have to be attended by ALL students unless it is mentioned otherwise.
- the evening presentations on Monday and Wednesday are open to interested members of the public.


DAI- Cantina

Lunch will be served daily from 13:00-14:00, dinner Monday and Tuesday from 18:00-19:00, Wednesday 19.00–20.00, and Thursday from 18:00-19:00

March 21: Monday DAI - Publication

For all 2st year students
Pressing Issues – coordinator Rebecca Sakoun. Today’s guest: Lilet Breddels

Lilet Breddels is an art historian living and working in Amsterdam. She is director of the Archis Foundation, a cultural think tank dealing with spatial reflexivity and publisher of Volume Magazine. Archis initiates projects and debates all over the world to provide cities in need with clues and concepts to revive the public domain, to re-energize its urban spirit and to revitalize its trust in dialogue as the essence of civic life.
Monday's session of Pressing Issues will take place at the DAI building this time, beginning at 11:00 am. 

During the day, Pressing Issues Coordinator Rebecca Sakoun and Lilet Breddels will have face-to-face meetings with individual students.

11.00–18.00 (Lecture Room)
For all 1st year students
Publishing Class Framework: Binna Choi (Casco)
Support editor and coordinator: Chris Lee (Casco)
Today’s guests: Axel Wieder, Benjamin Thorel and Luca Frei

11.00-12.30 Workshop w/Axel Wieder, Benjamin Thorel and Luca Frei.
Lunch 12.30-13.30
Continue w/ workshop
For this session on 18 April, Axel Wieder of Pro qm (Berlin), Benjamin Thorel of Section 7 (Paris) and Luca Frei, a Malmö and Berlin based artist join the class with a day-long workshop looking at different approaches to community, collectivity and space in relation to the production, distribution and reception of the 'Publishing Class' project.

The 'Publishing Class' on 18 April follows the one in March where the class was visited by Dmitry Vilensky of Chto Delat? and Melanie Gilligan, with a challenging and provocative workshop, engaging with questions of urgency, the speculative capacity of art and political narration.

19:30 – 21.00(Project Space)
For students & general public

'Book-Store-Utopia' public lecture by Axel Wieder, Benjamin Thorel and Luca Frei.

On the evening of April 18, from 19.30, Axel Wieder, Benjamin Thorel and Luca Frei will give presentations on their respective practices which share a common engagement with exploring space via the distribution of books and publishing, as well as the possibilities of production emancipated from the usual demands of power, profit and public.

Practical information:
The lecture is open for the public. Please note that the evening lecture takes place in Arnhem where the Dutch Art Institute recently found their new home: Kortestraat 27, 6811 EP, Arnhem. For more information on 'Publishing Class', please check its webpage.
For more information about our guests, please visit:

April 19 : Tuesday DAI - Presentation

Starting 10:30 - 21:00 all students: Performing Presentation / Presenting Performance

Intensive workshop (4 meetings in 4 months) by David Weber-Krebs and Jan-Philipp Possmann. Please note that next month (in May) the workshop will be on Monday.

April 20: Wednesday DAI-Theory

9:30 - 12:30 (Lecture Room)
Seminar exclusively for participants in the project TRACES OF AUTONOMY - THE ECONOMY OF SPEECH AND VOICE IN GLOBAL ART

A project run by  the VanAbbemuseum, tutored by Steven ten Thije.

13.30- 22.00

Reading for Writing or How to do things with Theory
Alena Alexandrova (15 students) & Doreen Mende (15 students)
Richard Sennett & Sven Lütticken

Today’s program includes two public lectures: one is organized by the ArtEZ “lectoraat”(Professorship Theory in the Arts and will take place at Luxor Live, Willemsplein 10 in Arnhem (opposite the railway station) and the evening lecture is organized by Reading for Writing and will take place at the DAI, Kortestraat 27, Arnhem.
13:30 Departure from DAI to Luxor.
14:00 - 15:30 Lecture by Richard Sennett (for both groups)
This lecture is part of the symposium Doing Diderot,new views on making in the arts, organized by the ArtEZ Lectoraat ( professorship) Theory in the Arts in collaboration with several other professorships. http://www.doingdiderot.blogspot.com/
15:30 - 16:00 Break and going back to the DAI building
16:00 - 19:00 Two separate group sessions with
respectively Alena Alexandrova and Doreen Mende
19.00 -20-00 Diner

Update: Unfortunately Richard Sennett has to cancell his lecture.
We invited instead Inti Guerrero to give a lecture for our students.

20.00 – 22.00 DAI’s project space : lecture by Sven Lütticken: Attending to Abstract Things

The sociologist Richard Sennett will lecture about the notion of The Craftsman, which is also the title of his most recent book as the first part of an trilogy project. In his prologue, he writes: " This is the first (The Craftsman) of three books on material culture, all related to the dangers in Pandora's casket, though each is intended to stand on its own. This book is about craftsmanship, the skill of making things well. (...) All three books address the issue of technique -- but technique considered as a cultural issue than as a mindless procedure (...) Craftsmanship cuts far wider swath than skilled manual labor; it serves the computer programmer, the doctor, and the artist; parenting improves when it is practiced as a skilled craft, as does citizenship."

The theorist and art critic Sven Lütticken will present his lecture Attending to Abstract Things, which is also the title of his text for reading. His text gives a brilliant insight into a genealogy of materialism in relation to art and thingness, from a Marxist point of view. Point of departure of his argument is the claim, that commodity always has been abstract to its core, thus, "abstraction is a concrete reality."

April 21: Thursday DAI – Private

Starting 10.00 – 21.00

Face to Face meetings between individual DAI-students and (guest) advisors Alena Alexandrova, Doreen Mende, Sven Lütticken ( TBC), Tanja Baudoin, Phil Collins, Nick Powell, Rana Hamadeh, Florian Göttke, Renee Ridgway, Simon Ferdinando.

April 22: Friday DAI-Project

10:00 – 17.30
Today students split up to participate in 3 different ongoing projects
Curated by If I Can't Dance, I Don't Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution, tutored by Phil Collins and co-ordinated by Tanja Baudoin
Today’s special guest:  Nick Powell
Friday’s session with Nick Powell consists out of a “production” component with performative exercises with sound, and an “affect” component of theory discussion. In preparation for this session we are reading “Exhaustion and Exuberance: Ways to Defy the Pressure to Perform,” an essay by Jan Verwoert.
Following the DAI week the research project Affect/Production travels to Bilbao. During a trip of 10 days, the students will develop a collaborative project through workshops and meetings with Basque artists, local students, and the curatorial collective Bulegoa z/b. The trip includes a stay at the residency space Azala, run by choreographer Idoia Zabaleta in the countryside near Vitoria-Gasteiz.

Nick Powell's recent work for theatre includes writing the music and co-writing the story of the Royal Court's GET SANTA, composing and designing sound for THE CRUCIBLE at the Open Air Theatre, Regent's Park, FALSTAFF (Centro Dramatico Nacional Madrid), PENUMBRA (Animalario), Madrid), URTAIN (CDN/ Animalario - winner - Best Composition for Scenic Arts / nominated Best Musical Director Premios Max Spain) PARADISE for the RuhrTriennale Festival, DUNSINANE (RSC), THE PRIORY (Royal Court), THE DRUNKS (RSC), TITO ANDRONICO (Animalario, Madrid), PANIC (Improbable), THE FAMILY REUNION (Donmar Warehouse), RELOCATED (Royal Court), THE VERTICAL HOUR by David Hare (Royal Court), BONHEUR (Comedie Francais), GOD IN RUINS (RSC), MARAT-SADE (CDN Winner - Best Production - Premios Max), REALISM (Edinburgh International Festival), THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF DISSOCIA (Winner - Best Production in both the TMA and Scottish Theatre Awards) and co-created and composed the musical THE WOLVES IN THE WALLS for the National Theatre of Scotland and Improbable (Winner - Best Show for Young People - TMA Awards) with successful productions in Scotland, London and New York.

Nick has worked extensively with companies including the National Theatre, Paines Plough and Improbable as well as twelve shows with Suspect Culture, which he founded with Graham Eatough and David Greig. He also writes extensively for the screen including BAFTA winners BENEATH THE VEIL and DEATH IN GAZA. He is co-composer of the music for BBC3's LIP SERVICE and recently scored the Spanish feature DISPONGO DE BARCOS for writer director Juan Cavestany. He has also scored three of the films of visual artist Phil Collins.

Nick has toured and recorded with many bands including Mcalmont & Butler (Chrysalis), Strangelove (EMI Records) and Astrid (Nude Records). He is one half of OSKAR, who have performed live scores for three PRADA fashion shows in Milan, exhibited installations at the V&A and the CCA Glagsow as well as producing two albums AIR CONDITIONING and LP:2. For more information see www.oskaronline.com

Negotiating Equity
Starting 10:30 (Project Space) tutored by Renee Ridgway
Today’s guest: Simon Ferdinando

Face to Face with Simon Ferdinando

Simon Ferdinando is a fine art graduate of Goldsmiths College, UK, a free-lance curator and writer presently pursuing a PhD at John Moores University in Liverpool, which investigates Antoine Artaud and Francis Bacon’s responses to works of Van Gogh.

Although this seminar has been in development for over three years ‘Protest’ seems to be everywhere and as visual consumers we are taken up in it. As recent events have shown we have become embedded, indeed implicated and with ‘Space of Protest’ Negotiating Equity sets up camp in an all day seminar with Simon Ferdinando.

10.00 – 13.00
Le Regle Du Jeu

Simon Ferdinando will outline the theme of Le Regle du Jeu (The rules of the game) equating examples and ideas of strategy (Debord, Leiris, Renoir etc) with the wider project ‘Space of Protest’. This presentation will include amongst others a film showing the documentary of the Black Power Salute. (Geoff Small 2006). It examines the context and impact of what became one of the iconic protest actions of the 20th century, and probably the most outspoken political gesture in the history of modern Olympic sports.

14.00 – 17.00
‘Whatever Space’ or rather not know how but no how

As we are immanent to the academy or the ‘lab’, in this case DAI, we might want to look at ‘Artistic research’ as a space of whatever, in this sense knowledge production of not know-how but no how. [1] How does this all tie in with protest? It begs to come to terms with a certain dispositive (apparatus) that confronts us, the institutional captivity of art research, the academicization of “thinking through the visual”.[2]

[1] http://www.artandresearch.org.uk/v2n2/pdfs/maharaj.pdf
[2] http://www.artandresearch.org.uk/v2n2/pdfs/maharaj.pdf


Re-reading Public Images
Starting 10:30 (Project Space) tutored by Florian Göttke                    
Today’s special guest: Gert Jan Kocken 

10:30 lecture by Gert Jan Kocken about his work
14:00 discussion with Gert Jan Kocken

Gert Jan Kocken photographs images that are witnesses to ideological struggle and destruction. In his work "Defacing" Gert Jan Kocken photographed statues from churches in Great Britain, Swiss and the Netherlands, that still show the traces of the image wars of the reformation. The image appears as a space in which these ideological battles were fought out. Kocken's photographs become the medium through which the traces are revealed and documented - the access points to reconstruct the reasons behind the ideological struggles of the past.

read also the articles by Sven Lütticken en Maria Barnas:

Gert Jan Kocken (b.1971, Ravenstein) is a visual artist living and working in Amsterdam. He graduated from the Royal Academy of the Arts in The Hague in 1998 and will hold a residency at the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam in 2011. For his work Kocken performs extensive research before he photographs the objects involved in parts, which he later conjuncts into one print at almost actual size or even enlarged a few times (Depictions of Amsterdam 1940-1945, 2009 and Enola Gay Tibbets, 2010). Both in solo and group exhibitions, his work has been exhibited widely in the Netherlands and abroad of which the most recent were his solo exhibition Positionsthis summer at the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam and Monumentalism, the municipal art acquisitions at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. His work has been part of the group exhibition Nature as Artifice (2008 - 2009) shown at the George Eastman House, Rochester, the Aperture Gallery in New York, the Alte Pinakothek in Munich and at the Kröller Müller Museum in the Netherlands. The exhibition Questioning History, in 2008 at the Nederlands Fotomuseum Rotterdam, featured a large selection of Kocken's Past in the Present series.