DAI-bulletin 2011-2012 number one September 2011

The DAI is the Arnhem based MFA program of the ArtEZ Faculty of Art & Design
Dear relations of the Dutch Art Institute ,
Tomorrow Monday, September 26, The DAI, together with precious “old” as well as with promising “new” friends will embark on it’s 2011-2012 research trajectory. Here in Arnhem we warmly welcome faculty & students from all over the globe and are enthusiastically looking forward to (continue) our productive collaboration with outspoken individuals as well with our institutional partners at the forefront of contemporary artistic praxis.
In the next DAI-bulletin ( October 2011) we will further inform you about the details of the DAI ’s 2011-2012 curriculum, entirely dedicated to reflection on ‘art in relation to our world in transformation’, and to meeting ‘other’ art audiences through open and imaginative investigations of performativity, mediality and publicness in local and global art practices.
But for now we propose to first celebrate the year’s kick-off during five intensive DAI-week days packed with introductory presentations by faculty members, hands-on projects run by guest curators, lively lunch- and diner gatherings, an excursion to an iconic site and an interdisciplinary meet- and greet party collaboratively initiated by 4 excellent ArtEZ master programs. Read the day - to day - program in the document attached.
The September DAI-week’s program will unfold itself in the Dutch cities of Arnhem, Emmen, Utrecht and Eindhoven and features special guests Bart de Baets, Rustan Söderling, Maaike Gouwenberg, Joris Lindhout, Roel Arkesteijn and Mark Kremer. Please find their bio’s at the bottom of the program. All bio’s ( including those of the ‘regular’ faculty members ) are also to be found on our website.
 I would like to conclude with a note on The Autonomy Project Symposium: although by now fully booked I still like to draw your attention to the mind-blowing line up of this event  coming up in October( 7,8,9) in Eindhoven, as the next ‘station’ of critical reflection and learning in an ongoing joint venture that includes us, several universities, and the Van Abbemuseum.
For more information see

Introduction Week Schedule September 2011

Monday 26

11.00Welcome to the DAI
Head of Program Gabriëlle Schleijpen
12.00Co-ordinator Education & Student Affairs
Rik Fernhout
13.00Nicolien Lodeweges
student counsellor ArtEZ
14.00Co-ordinator Technology
Ricardo Liong-A-Kong
15.00Presentation of the project Re-reading Public Images 
project leader & artist Florian Göttke
16.30Presentation of the courses Reading for Writing or How to do Things with Theory by mentor, curator/theorist Alena Alexandrova and by mentor, curator/theorist Doreen Mende
18.00Food & Drinks & Music ( DJ Manuel) &
Meet & Greet ArtEZ masters at the Kortestraat
for all students at: Werkplaats Typografie / master typography
ArtEZ Fashion Masters
Dance Unlimited / master choreography
Dutch Art Institute / master fine art
by Bart de Baets* & Rustan Söderling*

Overnight Arnhem

Tuesday 27

How to Perform a Portrait:
Comedy in the Age of Performative Reproduction

c.1300, from Anglo-Fr. purtraire, O.Fr. portraire "to draw, to paint, portray" (12c.), lit. "trace, draw forth," from por- "forth" (from L. pro-) +traire "trace, draw," from L. trahere "to drag, draw"

“In two days we’ll be guiding you towards a 'crash-'exhibition based upon portraits. Y'all smile and shed a tear combining comedia dell'arte, re-enactment, the contemporary interest in the live event, persiflage and caricature while creating a performative portrait.”
19.00Presentation project Negotiating Equity
by DAI - project leader, artist Renee Ridgway
20.00Students continue to work on How to Perform a Portrait: Comedy in the Age of Performative Reproduction

Overnight Arnhem

Wednesday 28

9.00How to Perform a Portrait:
Comedy in the Age of Performative Reproduction
19.00Presentation project curated by 
If I Can’t Dance I Don’t want To BePart of Your Revolution
by artist Ian White & research
curator Tanja Baudoin          
20.00Students continue to work on How to Perform a Portrait
22.00Opening exhibition HPP:CAPR in the shop window Kortestraat 27

Overnight Arnhem

Thursday 29

10.00Pack your lunch in the canteen with Amarashradda
11.00Departure by bus from Arnhem to Emmen
12.30CBK Emmen

In June 1971, the American artist Robert Smithson (1938–1973) completed the land art project Broken Circle/Spiral Hill in a sand quarry in Emmen. Forty years following its completion, and after a highly eventful history, the work in Emmen is once again in good condition, and is the regular destination for those interested in Smithson’s work from all over the world.

Broken Circle/Spiral Hill is the only 'earthwork' produced by Smithson still in existence outside the United States. In honor of the 40th anniversary of the creation of Broken Circle/Spiral Hill we will visit the exhibition ‘Robert Smithson in Emmen. Broken Circle/Spiral Hill Revisited’ which will be introduced to us by it’s curator Roel Arkesteijn*
14.30Transfer by bus to the actual Broken Circle/Spiral Hill in Emmerschans. Address to the artist by independent curator Mark Kremer*: 'A Tour of the Monuments of Emmen, Drenthe'
18.00Whole food diner at http://www.volkshuisdeventer.nl/biologisch.html

Overnight in the village of Gorssel

Friday 30

8.00Breakfast in Gorssel
8.45Our bus will take participants in the “Publishing Class” (second year students) to Casco, Office for Art, Design & Theory in Utrecht for a day with project leader, Casco director Binna Choi. *

The bus will then take the participants in “Situation Artistic Practice Today - a seminar on where we are, and how we got there” ( first year students) to the VanAbbemuseum in Eindhoven for a day with project leader, research curator Steven ten Thije.
17.00End of Program Students take care of their own individual travel, back to were they came from or otherwise.

Biographical information guests

* Bart de Baets (Knokke, Belgium, 1979) graduated in 2003 from the Gerrit Rietveld academy as a graphic designer, and now lives and works in Amsterdam. With a strong preference for printed matter, de Baets has worked for various clients amongst which exhibition space W139, design platform SALON/, artists Melanie Bonajo, Koen Hauser and Frank Koolen. Under the name Mosquitoes, Elephants, Mountains & Molehills, Bart has been initiating several posters and publications. Together with Rustan Söderling he’s initiated Dark & Stormy, a modest fanzine about writer’s block published by Onomatopee. He’s a frequent contributor to Mr. Motley and Girls Like Us. Success and Uncertainty is the title of a recent work made with fellow Dutch graphic designer Sandra Kassenaar with whom he traveled to Cairo for an Artist in Residency, from March till July of this year.

* Rustan Söderling (Gothenburg, Sweden, 1984) graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie as a graphic designer in 2009. He currently lives and works in Amsterdam. Together with Bart de Baets he makes a fanzine called Dark & Stormy and the occasional pop quiz. He is currently in the process of writing his first self-help book and devising the twist ending to, what readers will probably call, “A slightly disappointing and surprisingly short biography.”

*Maaike Gouwenberg is an independent curator based in Rotterdam. She has an interest in performative and unruly practices. After finishing the Curatorial Program at de Appel arts centre in Amsterdam she worked, as part of the team at If I Can't Dance, on ambitious artist productions that were shown in Europe and the USA. She initiated A.P.E. (Art Projects Era) in 2010 where she works with artist Keren Cytter on a major theater piece.

* Joris Lindhout is an artist with a diverse practice, and a craving for tales of terror. With an interest in both theory and obscure cultural phenomena, he creates series of zines, organizes reading groups, and makes wall paintings. His enthusiasm for literature and film consolidate in his long-term research project into the Gothic as a cultural strategy.
Together they just opened an exhibition based on the phenomenon of Southern Gothic literature in 1646, Den Haag. The exhibition deals with the use of the Gothic methodology in the Southern States of North America, and is entitled 'What the Modern Era Has Gained in Civility it Has Lost in Poetic Inspiration'. Along with the exhibition they've published the book 'To Live in the South, One Has to Be a Scar Lover'. The exhibition can be seen until October 15th, 2011.

*Roel Arkesteijn (Scheveningen, 1974) is curator and writer. Since late 2008, he is curator of contemporary art at Museum Het Domein in Sittard. After his studies in art history at Leyden University, Arkesteijn has worked as a curator of modern art at the Museum of Modern Art in Arnhem, the Stedelijk Museum in Schiedam and the GEM, museum of contemporary art, in The Hague. In the past years, Arkesteijn was a guest lecturer at the Radboud University in Nijmegen and curated exhibitions for the Centraal Museum in Utrecht, the Institut Néerlandais in Paris and a Nancy Spero book and exhibition for De Appel in Amsterdam.

* Mark Kremer is active in the art world since 1987, when he joined the Time Based Arts in Amsterdam as their youngest staff member, and worked there for a year. After graduating as an art historian and archeologist in 1988, he participated in 1990-91 in the curator course of école du Magasin, Centre d‘Art Contemporain at Grenoble. Back in Amsterdam he started to write extensively on contemporary art developments and artists. He curated a.o. ‘Joy & Pain...’ at ICA/Amsterdam, 1992; the arts section of Festival a/d Werf in Utrecht from 1994 to 1997. Since 2000 Mark Kremer is active as a curator, writer and guest teacher at art academies. Exhibitions include ‘Höhere Wesen befahlen: anders malen’, Smart Project Space, Amsterdam 2001-02; Mike Tyler and et al.: The Wanderer Project, Christchurch, New Zeeland 2002; Sculpture Quadriennale Riga 2004, curator Dutch participation by Hans van Houwelingen; The Projection Project, MuHKA, Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp, 2006-07.
From 2008-2010 Mark Kremer was involved in the DAI’s curriculum as the curator and core tutor of GoodTrip BadTrip, a project seeking to relate the notion of the trip to effects of art: sensorial impulses, thought inducers. The project investigated legacies of Psychedelia and Conceptualism, it revisited the historical era of the 1960s when Psychedelia and Conceptualism were possibly more intertwined than what is today mostly assumed. In the early summer of 2008 the participants shared a working space in a villa on the island of Crete. In the very early Spring of 2010 they all embarked on a trip to Siberia, where on the island Olkhon in Lake Baikal they had a group session of eight hours with a Shaman.