Creolizing the Canon ~ conversations, music and performance at the Van Abbemuseum ~ During three events about the Xenogenesis exhibition, scientists, musicians, poets and artists reflect on subjects fromThe Otolith Group’s work.

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From 15:00-16:45 at the Van Abbemuseum: hosts and presenters Richard Kofi and Simone Zeefuik invite various guests to join them for conversations, lectures and music.
From 17:00 at bar Wall Street (Stadhuisplein, Eindhoven): music, performance, drinks and the Wanderlust menu!

SAT 22.06 | Creolizing the Canon
About representation and inclusivity in museums. For whom do we ‘decolonize’ and what are the consequences of progression? With Christelle Munganyende (writer and founder IamSHERO), Naomie Peter (activist, choreographer, artist) and Rose Sarpong (singer songwriter).

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SAT 29.06 | Afrofuturism

About Afrofuturism, a mix of imaginations and technology applied to the fight for freedom and equality of Black communities worldwide. With Ola Hassanin (architect and artist), Veronique Efomi (writer, poet, vlogger) and Planet Airich (artist).

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SAT 06.07 | Self-care
About self-care, democratization and a holistic approach. With Glenn Helberg (psychiatrist, gay rights activist) and Amal Alhaag (curator of Anarchist Citizenship and Black Togetherness at Framer Framed).

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€10 including museum entrance and drink at bar Wall Street.
€25 including museum entrance, Wanderlust dish and drink at bar Wall Street (This only applies to Saturday 22 and Saturday 29 June; on 6 July we close at the Karel 1 museum café).