Ulufer Çelik (DAI, 2018) and Alaa Abu Asad (DAI, 2018) will present their project “I love it when translation can be found to agree with our weird desires”, in the group exhibition “Translocal Scores”. Among the other contributors is Tatia Skhirtladze (DAI, 2008). Project Space Gumpendorferstrasse, till June 8.

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Translocal Scores

Tue 21. May 2019, 19h
Project Space Gumpendorferstrasse 6, A - 1060 Vienna

Fr 31May and Fr 7 June, 16h
curator's guides and artist talks 

Wed 5. June, 19h 
exhibition-review with Andreas Spiegl
and a performance by Hyeji Nam
Sound by Marie Willmann & Pato Wiesauer

exhibition: Wed 22. May – Sat 8. June 2019, 12 - 18h

works by
Pato Wiesauer, Sabine Frühstück, 
Lisa Schmidt Colinet, Ashley Scheirl / Ursula Pürrer, 
 textile designer / unknown
Alaa Abu Asad / Ulufer Celik, 
Marie Willmann, Tatia Skhirtladze 
Rini Swarnaly Mitra / Sumana Akter,
Stephanie Misa / Ana de Almeida,
Teresa Kurzbauer / Lena Baur / Rebecca Goldschmidt,
and a book by Birgit Jürgenssen and Lawrence Weiner
Nina Geschl / Alfred Rottensteiner, 
Hyeji Nam, Nubauer, Shuvo Rafiqul
Natalie Deewan, Hanna Reiner 

curated by 
Simonetta Ferfoglia, Heinrich Pichler and Ruby Sircar

This exhibition in two phases presents, developes and picks up strategical inventions and dispositives, that are able to override distances - in a conceptual field, but as well in very concrete forms of translocality as a spacial/temporary dimension. As a start, constellations of artworks are presented that form up around such concrete fields of activities and methodological approaches - device, displacement, lair and journey, activism, flight. They have been generated in a dialogical process with the involved artists, who thus expose themselves to a personal experience, and include agents from external networks.

In the temporary Project Space Gumpendorferstrasse, a disused and radically skeletonized groundfloor space, the works are located in analogous spacial constellations, however communicate comprehensively via the immanent topic of translation - between contexts of provenance, class and gender, between languages, imaginaries and forms of action.

The exhibition setting of "Translocal Manoeuvres" is activated by a series of dialogical guided tours and community-building events. This productive element of the presentation inform the second phase of the project, the "Translocal Archives", which will focus on film and media, urban narratives, mediation and archives: