Ulrike Rosenbach

Ulrike Rosenbach(1943, Bad Salzdetfurth) is the most renowned international video artist from Germany working with videotapes, installations and performances. She was one of the first artists in Germany to not only use video for documentation purposes but for experiments with the electronic image. Her videotapes were highly successful in their critique of the traditional representation of women. They helped to formulate an identity of women from a feminist perspective. For her, video is «not burdened with art history like painting.» With Klaus vom Bruch and Marcel Odenbach she formed the independent production group ATV, exploring «alternative television» in various ways. Ulrike Rosenbach, herself once a “Meisterschülerin” of Joseph Beuys has been widely teaching at German and international art schools.


November 2007, Ulrike Rosenbach came to DAI (at that time based in Enschede) as a guest lecturer.