Constanza Puente Burgos: (With) Other in (o) out Side

Advisor/tutor: Bassam el Baroni

Arnhem, June 2015


The present text follows the path left by the remains of a disaster which cause keeps floating in the sphere of the unknown. Departing from some specific artworks, the text rummages among the rests of the victims that nothing can tell now about the hows and the whys of what had happened. Therefore, only the silence will offer the ground to start looking for an explanation. Bubbles, islands, biological organs, monsters and animals are going to help in this endeavor, where the fear must be subjugated in order to go behind the untamed beast that, in turn, is behind this... or behind us. 

In the first part, the spheres’ theory developed by Peter Sloterdijk will open the research, leaving space for Jacques Derrida to come with some reflections about the relation that men have had, or not, with animals, our own others. Later on, Thomas Metzinger and Humberto Maturana will show the scientific side of this path, revealing some evidences about who is the real beast that we are following. Once the criminal is identified, the field of the ethology will make an input on trying to find out ways of dealing with him, retrieving subjectivity as a valid tool for doing so. Other thinkers will also come together in this quest that, finally, will lead us back to the very starting point of this research: just home.