Deadline Approaching: until 1 May 2019 applications are accepted for the BAK Summer School: Art as Politics, a collaborative and intensive learning week at BAK, basis voor actuele kunst from 22–26 July 2019 in Utrecht, the Netherlands

The BAK Summer School: Art as Politics brings together practitioners involved in arts, academia, and social action to collectively think through, generate, and invigorate critical artistic practices that work to grasp and intervene into the present. Asking after the ways in which art is politics, the program centers artistic practices that live in the overlapping spaces amongst cultural production, art, aesthetics, and political domains often considered as separate. Through case studies, storytelling, theory, presentations, discussions, workshops, study groups, and exercises, the BAK Summer School: Art as Politics asks about and speaks to art as the cracks, fissures, hacklabs, loopholes, queerings, or illegibilities in which radical (re)workings can flourish. Concepts of alternative practice, contemporary constructions of “we,” institutional structuring, potentials of performative collectivity, etc. are discussed and practiced so as to think through the potentials when we conceive of and enact art as politics.

The BAK Summer School: Art as Politics takes place from 22 until 26 July 2019 at BAK in Utrecht, Netherlands. Applications can be submitted via the Utrecht Summer School website by 1 May 2019. For more information, visit the website.
This Summer School is organized by Maria Hlavajova, Founding General & Artistic Director and Whitney Stark, Curator of the Fellowship Program at BAK.

This is a discourse-driven course organized by BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht in collaboration with HKU University of the Arts Utrecht and Utrecht Summer School.