Sanne van Rijn

Sanne van Rijn studied classical ballet and photography. Later she attended the Interfaculty for Image and Sound at the Conservatory in The Hague. In recent years she has staged various performances, first with ZTHollandia and later with NTGent, including This Is How I Give My Cat a Pill (Zo geef ik mijn kat een pilletje), Let’s be Firm (Laten we flink zijn) and Gradually Zero (Langzaam tot nul).

Sanne van Rijn devotes herself in her work to the extraordinary in the ordinary. ‘She carefully juxtaposes a minimal action with a minimal sound, with a minimal image, with a minimal movement, forcing the viewers to review and change their way of looking and listening, to review and change their perception of time and space. Under this transparent fabric lies silence.’

In 2000 Sanne van Rijn was awarded the VSCD Mime Prize and the Incentive Prize for Drama by the City of Amsterdam. Swan Lake (Zwanenmeer) was selected for Het Theaterfestival 2002. La Sylphide & James as well as Hey Presto! You’re a Bear! (Ik wil dat jij een beer wordt!) were nominated for the VSCD Mime Prize in 1999 and 2007.

As a performer she worked with the British ensemble Forced Entertainment in the 24 hour performance Who Can Sing A Song to Unfrighten Me? She was also seen in Christoph Marthalers Seemanslieder and in The Damned (De val van de goden) directed by Johan Simons.