2018 ~ Sunday April 22: Roaming Assembly#21 ~ CRACKING THE MOULD ~ by Maria Iñigo Calvo

| tag: Barcelona

Contents against continents. On the agency of popular art

by María Íñigo Clavo

This assembly thinks Lina Bo Bardi interest on popular culture during the fifties and sixties and her pioneering proposal for a new museology based on recycling, the education and the alliance between crafts technics and industrial design. Her first exhibition in the main Museum in Sao Paulo designed by her in 1969, has been enacted in 2016 by the same institution triggering different debates inside and outside the conference. Her work and personality has been taken as a new object of study to rethink the Cold War period and its historization, that is one of the main a battleground of Brazilian art history. Something missing in these debates is how Bo Bardi early postcolonial perspective is bringing the opportunity to rethink western methodologies of research and display in which I would like to focus.


Roaming Assembly#21 ~ CRACKING THE MOULD