DAI-students (temporary) residing in Arnhem who are interested in sharing knowledge & skills with MA students from other ArtEZ Graduate School programs, are invited to send a short proposal to the "Learning Community", facilitated by Margret Wibmer..

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Check out our upcoming events and feel free to send us your proposals. Producing a workshop for the Learning Community is an opportunity to improve your organisational and communicational skills, collaborate with students from other programmes, introduce your work to new audiences within ArtEZ and beyond and it is a nice addition to your CV. 

Our structural collaboration with Werkplaats Typografie has resulted in inspiring exchanges between workshop producers and graphic design students. Our logo and the likewise visually strong website was designed by first year WT student Jannete Mark in collaboration with programmer Bernd de Ridder.  

Looking forward to seeing you soon. Stay connected!

Margret Wibmer | facilitator/mentor LC | ArtEZ University of the Arts