Ingeborg Entrop

"As a scientist I used to approach nature with exact measuring instruments. With the obtained data I contributed to the construction of theoretical models that describe natural phenomena. Since then I have been intrigued by the mimetic nature of those theories and other narratives with which we try to grasp the world we live in. Although mimesis comes in many different forms —from myths to models— it appears to be a fundamental aspect of human life.

As an artist I still explore my environment, now by listening and using sound and sound related tools. I listen to local sounds and (hi)stories, I work with field recordings and I appropriate mimetic phenomena from both language and music, such as onomatopoeia, scores or composition techniques like canon or fugue. With recorded material I compose sonic reflections of my surroundings that allow me to find a place within them — more than any abstract model could achieve. In that way I probe the spacetime continuum of my own existence as well as that of (our) being in general, hoping to find an answer to the underlying questions: what is place, what is presence?

And that over and over again."




Learn more about Ingeborg Entrop’s written MA thesis (DAI, 2012): Indexical Edge Thing – The Polyphonic Nature of Sound.

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Follow Ingeborg’s ‘Life after DAI’ via her website.