Yota Ioannidou

Yota Ioannidou (DAI, 2009) is an artist, living and working in Athens. Ioannidou graduated with a BA from the Athens School of Fine Arts (Greece), a MFA from the Dutch Art Institute (The Netherlands) and currently is a PhD researcher in PhDArts in Leiden University/Creative and Performing Studies and KABK/ Den Haag.

In her projects she creates and revises archives, following a process of research (visits in archives and in situ research), collection (texts, images, data, maps, films) recordings, involving various ways of formulation. The formulation of the research material combines storytelling and formation of reading and performing groups on the research subject. So far in her projects looks into issues related to social struggles and movements with a strong focus on the idea of the local and translocal (i.e. most of her projects are referred to social struggles from the current Greek history related to examples that we find in other places as well as in past times).

Her work has been presented in “The Kids Want Communism” – Bat Yam, Israel (2017), "No need for references", WUK, Vienna, (2015), the 3rd and 4th Athens biennale a.o.




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