Pendar Nabipour

Pendar Nabipour is a, Rotterdam based visual artist, independent curator, and senior tutor Autonous Practices at the Willem de Kooning Academy. His main interests are common memories, collective decision-making, playfulness, humour, and nature. He studies the rethinking of established institutions and the ways of enabling initiatives to activate alternative structures, through artistic practice.

Common memories and their relation to time, visual elements recognized by large groups, and inter-generational cultural mementoes are one research area for Pendar. Through analysing proverbs, popular culture, memes, comedy, and national traumas Pendar investigates collective recalling.

Researching collective decision-making processes and rethinking consensus methodologies and enabling inclusive consent is the core subject of one of Pendar’s long-term projects ‘Open Source Governance’.

Playfulness and interactivity is the most important part of Pendar's practice. The immersive experience that interactive processes enable for the audience/player is a reoccurring element in Pendar's work.

For Pendar to break down a topic to work with, it is necessary for him to first critically disarm it with humour, when appropriate. Humour will introduce the possibilities of rethinking the conventions of one’s beliefs/knowledge.

And lastly, nature and the speed of life, and observation of nature’s process of taking over man-made infrastructure, are other sources for Pendar’s creative production.





Learn more about Pendar Nabipour’s written MA thesis (DAI, 2013): Dear Nostalgia - A yearning generation.

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