Eva Schippers

Eva Schippers [1980] is a visual artist and performer working and living in the Amsterdam. She received her MFA in 2010 at the Dutch Art Institute and her multidisciplinary works deal with the notion of EMERGENCY. Her work has been recently shown at the Vondelbunker [Amsterdam], Dead Darlings/FOAM [Amsterdam], Friche [Brussels], Prague Quadrennial [Prague], Re: Rotterdam [Rotterdam], Kunstvlaai [Amsterdam] and Verbo Festival [Sao Paolo].

Currently she is also teaching at the BFA Minerva [Groningen] and is active as curator in the Guest Studio PlantageDok [Amsterdam]. From 2013 to 2015 she has been active as co-curator and moderator with the artist platform MoMart. From 2005-2010 she collaborated with Serge Lammerts in a performance duo, addressing human relations. Their performances have been shown at Noorderzon [Groningen], DefKa [Assen] and Madrid Procesos [Madrid].


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