Juhee Youn

Juhee Youn (born in 1977, Seoul) studied in Western Painting at Kyungwon University in Korea and  in Fine art of the Dutch Art Institute (2004-2006) in the Netherlands. Youn explores unexpected relationships between unrelated subjects through activities such as translation and a guide program and weaves the subjects into a new context. Her way of working spans scales from a text to various approach: an installation, a performance, a video and a photo, and in various positions: an artist, a project organizer, a performance director and a curator. In 2012, she had a solo show ‘Youth, courage to face the past’ with a fellowship for emerging young artists in Insa Art Space, Seoul run by Korea Art Council and organized as a curator a group show “Contemporary travel (2013)” in Ilhyun art museum located in Kangwon Yangyang, Korea.


Follow Juhee Youn’s ‘Life after DAI’ by means of her website and  Instagram

Learn more about Juhee Youn’s booklet Outside/In published by DAI in 2006.