How I Lost My Marbles; or, Calling for Colonial Patricide The unconditional return of artefacts such as the Parthenon Marbles is a must – but can it redress the shocking arrogance of former colonizers? A text by ILIANA FOKIANAKI for Frieze

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Dear all---
With the discussions on decolonization, restitution and repatriation coming to the fore, a few notes on the Parthenon Marbles and the recent interview of the British Museum's director.
Looking forward to your comments and thank you for reading.
For those of you planning a trip in Athens, Sanja Iveković new exhibition is running until 11th of May and WhW's new curatorial is opening on the 17th. 
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iLiana Fokianaki /Ηλιάνα Φωκιανάκη
Founder & Director, State of Concept Athens
FEAR NOT, Sanja Iveković, March 1st - May 11 2019

I’ll open the door straight, dead straight into the fire, curated by What, How and For Whom/WHW
May 17th - September 7th 2019