Maxim Chapochnikov

tags: Amsterdam, Moscow

After having studied economy in Moscou, DJ, researcher and artist Maxim Chapochnikov (Ural, Russia, 1963) moved to Amsterdam in 1988. Here he became fascinated by a growing house/techno music-scene and started off in the Netherlands as a dj, which still remains his part time occupation. At the same time he developed interest in “exotic” musics from around the world, since Amsterdam offered boundless access to various kinds of music. Travelling back in Russia, he rediscovered the vastness and beauty of his land, and started to travel to different parts of the country (Siberia, Urals, Baltics), to find and record musical styles of many ethnic groups living there. 

He made numerous research trips to Siberia and Central Asia, studying music, culture, sound, environment, and shamanistic practices of nomadic ethnicities, and organized tours and collaborations in Europe for the musicians he met on these trips. His musical research was presented on national Dutch radio and TV.

The results of the research of ethnic cultures influence the artistic works of Maxim. Other influences include Dada, Russian Futurism and Space Age culture of the 60’s. His art projects are musical production, radio programs, conceptual events, dj sets and cooperation with other artists. As a musician Maxim participated in a number of music groups, working with Sainkho Namchilak (Tuva), Albina Degtyareva (Yakutia) and OMFO (Amsterdam a.o.).