Jammie Nicholas: When the Lights Go Out: Traversing Perceptions of Colour Through Laruelle’s ‘On the Black Universe’

Advisor/tutor: Bassam El Baroni

Arnhem, June 2016


This thesis will explore the presence of light (and the dark that its absence supposedly entails) and how these precepts influence the conception of not only colours, but also the self, placed on the background of François Laruelle’s text On the Black Universe: In the Human Foundations of Colour (2013). Following a trajectory from light 1 to dark, taking in the colour spectrum, to their presence, in synchrony rather than as opposites, it will present how we are now in the situation where we are, more than ever, able to continually make and remake fluid formulations of meaning from existing generally accepted things. This is due to the symbiotic influence of both the analogue and the digital, in which we are becoming increasingly synthesised to and with, where light (in its presence and or absence) is still, inherently underpinning all our interactions.JN.