Valentina Miorandi: Heuristic Records: If I look after the sounds, will the senses look after themselves?

Advisor/tutor: Marina Vishmidt

Arnhem, June 2016


Stemming from Newtonian mechanics, we are used to thinking about the world as made up of objects that exist prior to their exchanges. The following flickering reflections propose the exact opposite: “individuals exist due to interactions and, furthermore, even matter exists as a phenomenon”. 2 Quantum mechanics, specifically the experiments with particles, have taught us that the world is a continuous and restless swarm. It is a coming to light and disappearing of continuous ephemeral entities; a composition of vibrations, of waves and invisible possibilities. It’s a world not of things but of entanglements. For electrons the only way to exist is through interaction. It’s a world of encounters. This approach of facing “the” reality stems from an involvement-based project -titled “Heuristic Records”- that combines discursive practice as a methodology of work in order to create entanglements.